Following finding by way of Gen’s Psync in AI: The Somnium Documents – nirvanA Iniative, you lastly get the 3rd piece of paper containing the details you want to understand Tearer’s instructions. I’m likely to explain how to do it very first, in case you’d like to cause it out with a bit of enable. Afterward, I’ll just straight up convey to you what to put into the text box. I’ll start off by indicating that this is virtually just the identical as a puzzle you have finished in advance of, specifically the just one in the park with the Alfree machine. Here’s what the pieces of paper say:




Thinking again to the Alfree puzzle, you had to appear at the items and connect them diagonally. You have to do the actual similar point listed here. Begin at HO, then search at letters diagonal to it. Then join all those letters to their diagonal. Continue as if IN DG  was earlier mentioned HO ST. Placing them collectively effectively will give you HORA INST UNDG, which you will need to have to enter into the textual content box as HORAINSTUNDG. It stands for Horadori Institute underground and presents Mizuki data on one thing the game fairly a great deal advised us throughout the Ryuki route.


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Once you get that entered, then you will actually have to go in and find the underground. There is a puzzle there too, but the recreation will really significantly explain to you specifically what it is if you back again out a couple times. I guess the testers experienced problems replicating musical notes. Granted, as prolonged as you try to remember the Alfree puzzle, you must have no concern reusing the intersecting arrows to arrive to the right summary. Except if you find by yourself with a convenient situation of protagonist amnesia, at least. But then that opens up an fully individual can of worms. And no person likes worms.


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