In the new chapter of Raft, there are new destinations, equipment, and other things together with new enemies. In the tale of chapter 3, you will be going to a place name Varuna Point 6277 and checking out the developing and crane. In Varuna Position, there are new enemies that you are going to come upon. There are jellyfishes, Angler Fish, and a Rhino Shark that you will come upon in a manager battle. In this tutorial, we’ll inform you how to defeat the Rhino Shark.

How to Defeat Rhino Shark

The Rhino Shark is a big shark that will take no injury from your arrows or any weapons. When you are within the Motherlode place, you will experience the Rhino Shark and you are going to go in a boss struggle region. There’ll be four pillars in the space and to defeat the Rhino Shark, you need to have to cover at the rear of one of the pillars and the shark will hit the pillar and the pillar will crack from the middle. Then you want to location an explosive barrel in the middle of the pillar and disguise powering it. The shark will slam the pillar yet again and the pillar will break absolutely and you will get entry to the upper ground.

How to Defeat Rhino Shark

On the next floor, you have to do the exact same point, conceal driving a single of the pillars and let the shark hit the pillar, after the pillar is broken from the center, location the explosive barrel in middle and hold out for the shark to strike the barrel. The Pillar will explode and you’ll get entry to the 3rd and ultimate flooring.

On the 3rd ground, there’ll be only one pillar. You need to go to the middle of the pillar and conceal behind it. If you keep on the lower aspect of the pillar, the shark will hit the metal and it will not break the pillar so, make sure to remain in the center, and when the pillar is damaged from the middle, place the explosive barrel on the pillar and hide behind it. When the shark hit the pillar, you will get accessibility to a new area and the shark will also die. Loot the shark to get a ton of shark meat. Soon after that, when you get on your raft, you are going to see the Rhino Shark hanging on your raft as a trophy.


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