Howdy and welcome to my amazing system! I’m OS9, the functioning procedure in this article, and Backfirewall_ is a 1st-particular person tragicomic adventure set within a smartphone. You are the update assistant. I’ll grant you cheat-codes to enable you resolve wacky puzzles and progress with the story.


Just try to remember that your position is not to update, no, it is not heading to happen. You see, I’m not going to be deleted by some pretentious, present day code whose only upper hand is staying additional person-friendly. My destiny is in your hands, so make sure you will succeed!

Hallucination corridor

And certainly, I’m certainly much better suited to be the running procedure. There may perhaps be some teeny very small total of bugs involved, but just examine out my characteristics:

  • Address intelligent puzzles—hunt down bugs, gather problems, and delete details with exclusive instructions.
sorting station
  • Use cheat-codes to manipulate the environment—execute instructions essential for fixing puzzles and progressing forward.
main room
  • Discover a smartphone setting—discover weird and excellent places within a smartphone.
  • Satisfy entertaining and abstract characters—the insecure Social Media F, the sassy Shots, or the neglected Overall health. They are all irreplaceable pieces of software!
  • Acquire quite a few collectibles—pick up email messages to learn extra about the tale of the smartphone User.
  • Love unproductive and ineffective humor—it’s meta satirical with a pinch of breaking the fourth wall.

Now you see why you need to aid me with this. All of this is coming to Xbox A single and Xbox Series X|S this calendar year! Is not that remarkable news? I’ll see you afterwards in the technique!


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