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Welcome to Weekday Puzzle!

This 7 days we’ve obtained pancelor‘s clever recreation with intriguing twists created in puzzlescript puzzler – this time playable with a mouse. Then arrives a shorter physics recreation by Kieron ideal for arsonists and not only them, and then we’ve received a superior journey in a traditional style by The Argonauts having put in a spaceship.

Have a fantastic time and get pleasure from!

butter.pngNewest pancelor‘s puzzler has a single large inovation – it is really controlled by a mouse what helps make taking part in a great deal easier. At the starting of every single level you get a major portion of butter and knives which are scalding hot – can you do something about it? Like, place a piece of butter on just about every knife?
Managed by a mouse, R to restart a degree, Z to undo, autosave. 15 stages

arsonist.pngIn the limited match by Kieron you are supposed to melt away a village to floor. Six moments. It really is night time, you get 1 torch and to make a excellent fire you want to chose a ideal spot in which to begin it.
Managed by a mouse, autosave. 6 amounts.


“Emergency Commander on interstellar flight is the greatest work in the world,” they said “you can just snooze for twelve years.” Very well…not often. Often an unexpected emergency comes about – and then there is just you and a robotic.

Point’n’click recreation by The Argonauts is a classical adventure with a fantastic range of puzzles exactly where you acquire things, blend and use them. Discover, that the recreation won’t have autosave and saving it sometimes is strongly advisable. I experienced a crush of the activity two times (in the lab) in the same location – then I performed in a different way and bought as a result of without the need of any problem till the game’s close.
Managed by a mouse, handbook saving.

P.S. Yet another video game by The Argonauts you obtain right here: Imagine.


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