Dom Hofmann, 1 of Vine’s founders and the creator of Byte and Peach, has a new undertaking termed Supdrive. In his tweet asserting Supdrive, he calls it an “on-chain fantasy video game console,” which doesn’t essentially make it any extra apparent as to what this project will glimpse like. He’s due to the fact explained in an announcement write-up, which you can browse down below, that it’ll be a movie sport console that plays vintage-fashion game titles (in the vein of Pacman or Asteroid), with NFTs performing as a kind of digital cartridge.

In a Discord set up for Supdrive, Hofmann wrote that the game titles will be NFTs, jogging on digital firmware. The simple fact that video games will be released as NFTs suggests that there will only be so lots of “editions” or copies out there. Hofmann also states that just about every copy of a given sport will be distinctive, with gamers finding distinctive coloration palettes, difficulty levels, and much more.

Hofmann compares Supdrive to a further blockchain challenge, Artwork Blocks, even though describing it, which might give us an thought of what it’ll really be like. The gist of Art Blocks is that it lets creators make courses to procedurally crank out art, which is then saved on the blockchain. The systems will generally produce the exact same art for a supplied seed, but modifying the seed variations what the art ends up seeking like (Minecraft players may possibly be acquainted with this form of method). Then, individuals acquire NFTs for an Art Block job, which will contain a seed, permitting them create that artwork.

This appears to match well with what Hofmann is describing, where an on-chain console will perform exceptional game titles. The details, though, like how specifically it will function, how many copies of just about every game will be out there, and how substantially they’ll price tag, are all to be announced.

Hofmann’s article does say that the strategy is to enable the local community develop game titles for the Supdrive, if the challenge finishes up doing the job out. He also strategies on upgrading the console’s talents, allowing for a lot more advanced online games (the original established of game titles will be “old-school arcade style”). The very first video game, made by Hofmann, is known as Origin.

Supdrive also has a kind of meta match, with its buyers staying break up up into Pokémon-esque Pink, Inexperienced, and Blue teams. Hofmann’s announcement post says that which crew you are on could have an result on the game you are taking part in. For now, however, the diverse coloration teams are generally memeing at each and every other in the Discord.

Conversation between two Discord users. User 1: When’s the release? Hofmann: Shooting for Oct, will share more details soon. Will prob have some leads activities. Should be something special (smile emoji)

Hofmann indicating that the intention for Supdrive’s launch is Oct.

In the Discord chat, Hofmann stated he was aiming for an October start for the venture. He’s also said that he’ll be executing updates “every 7 days or so” top up to the start.

Hofmann’s put up-Vine projects have not managed to reach the first video clip platform’s good results — the iOS app for his social community, Peach, hasn’t been up to date in 3 yrs, and the successor to Vine, Byte, was acquired by a TikTok competitor known as Clash (and consumer App Shop critiques have not been beneficial about the modifications produced). Only time will explain to how Supdrive turns out, but it does feel to be an attention-grabbing idea — if you are prepared to enter the NFT marketplace to get the game titles, of program.

The total Supdrive announcement, posted to Discord:


This is Update #1 — will do these each individual week or so.

This venture has gotten additional consideration than I envisioned in the very first 12 several hours so I wanted to share a several a lot more facts.

What is Supdrive?

Supdrive is an on-chain fantasy console wherever the video games by themselves are NFTs. You can feel of it type of like Artblocks for games. These video games all operate on the Supdrive Virtual Firmware, a toolkit that makes it possible for video games to be written in concise instructions that are fuel friendly and best for on-chain storage.

Despite the fact that every game will be produced in set edition sizes, every edition is unique — every variation of the match will be various, whether or not it is shade palettes, problems, particular talents, or more.

What sorts of games?

Supdrive online games will be old-university arcade design online games to start off. Think titles like Galaga, Pacman, or Asteroid. As the firmware is upgraded, video games will step by step develop into additional sophisticated. Probably one day we’ll have Tremendous Supdrive or Supdrive 64.

The initially match is identified as Origin.

Who’s earning the video games?

I will be acquiring the initially several games, but if matters go properly the strategy is to open up the platform. Artblocks is a different very good case in point listed here.

What are Red Environmentally friendly Blue teams?

Motivated by Pokemon, groups are an ongoing meta procedure in the Supdrive environment. In the future, you will have an option to dedicate to your team and get a absolutely free airdrop collectible that signifies you membership in the group. Keeping this collectible will have results in specified Supdrive titles.

Mint price tag/edition dimension/release date?

TBD and will hold you posted

How can I aid?

For now, just hanging out in the Discord and boosting recognition is interesting. As we get nearer to launch, there will be a lot more factors to do.

Which is it for now! See you upcoming 7 days.