The Sony PSP is among the best hand held gaming platform currently available. But it is not only able to provide video gaming entertainment. Its wide display is very well suited to play movies and it allows you to play audio with outstanding quality. There are some applications that can turn your PSP into a movie player and camera.

For Movie playing:

The ImTOO DVD to PSP Suite is a very versatile DVD to PSP Movie changer, and is extremely easy to handle. This software converts a ton of formats, easily. It will help you finish all your movie converting at great efficiency and speed.

The Xilisoft PSP Video Converter can convert a great number of popular video files like DVD, VCD RM, MPEG, 3GP, AVI to PSP video format without much effort on your part. The application allows you to change video resolution.

It plays MP4-formatted movies, just like the iPhone. Developers are always trying to come up with ways to make this undertaking less complicated, at this moment you are required to get at least a handful of pieces of software to change the movie conversion. One is Decrypter, to rip movies off of your DVD%u2019 and store them in VOB format files, and in addition to that you will need a 3GP Converter, a free to use application that changes video files to MP4. You might have better success with smaller videos, and files that are already in AVI format. Sony itself recently released a converter software, but it is not able to rip your movies off DVD. The 3GP program even lets you select a different language.

These types of software make the PSP so much more than it can be (and it’s already a really good gaming device).

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