Trek to Yomi remaining a samurai tale has great samurai-style fight things. You will be dealing with distinct bosses throughout the activity as the recreation compliments the one particular-on-a single samurai battles. The combat is a bit tricky when you’re combating any boss or a substantial number of bandits. The activity has a stamina method and your stamina will deplete on your diverse actions during beat. So, you’ve to very carefully use your stamina inside your fights to gain your battles.

Sanjuro Demon is a single of the challenging bosses in Trek to Yomi. You will be dealing with him as you progress down the storyline in the video game. You will fight him in chapter 5 of Trek to Yomi. In chapter 5 you will be generating your way by means of the mountains and you will obtain a teleport. You will use this teleport in the activated cutscene which will acquire you to the mountain where by Sanjuro Demon will invade you. You will be combating Sanjuro Demon at this place.

How to defeat Sanjuro Demon

This will be a just one-on-one battle concerning you and Sanjuro Demon. Sanjuro Demon is floating though he’s preventing Hiroki. This floating movement offers him much more speed and agility. So, you have to be thorough as he can shift pretty quick.

The very first assault from Sanjuro Demon is he will transfer a little bit again and then in the following minute, he will do a jump slam attack. You have to get back again or roll back again to dodge this assault. You can counter-assault him with your Katana immediately after he’s accomplished the jump slam attack, you can offer him very good hurt if you counter-attack following his assault.

He will do primary sword swing assaults though you’re attempting to deal him injury. You can effortlessly dodge these primary sword swing assaults. One particular thing you have to be thorough is you can not parry with Sanjuro Demon. So, really do not check out to parry if he’s attacking just dodge his attacks. Also, very carefully dodge assaults as your stamina also depletes and you need to have your endurance in buy to counter-attack. Up coming, he will be undertaking a roar assault, he will roar if you are in the radius it will stun you and slow you also depleting your stamina. You have to block it in buy to stay protected from the roar of Sanjuro Demon.

Right after you’ve depleted his overall health beneath 50 %, Sanjuro Demon will do some new assaults randomly. He will be executing a dash assault and a several swing assaults. The best tactic soon after his well being is minimal, you can use your bow to shoot arrows at him from a length. This will do lesser hurt but if he’s not letting you counter-attack, you can try applying your bow. You can continue to keep on using your bow until you have arrows. Using this tactic and mixing it with your Katana sword attacks you can very easily deplete the remaining well being of Sanjuro Demon.

When you’ve defeated Sanjuro Demon, you will acquire the Afterlife Traveler trophy.


If you’ve defeated Sanjuro Demon without having acquiring any injury. You will also unlock the FORGIVE ME SENSEI trophy.


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