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Come on who doesn’t love superhero movies and comic books? Just like with the current craze for these movies, you can find some pretty incredible superhero video game titles on the PlayStation 4. There is a nice collection currently available and while we are moving onto the PlayStation 5, you may find these games worth enjoying right now before the next wave of installments hit the marketplace on next-generation consoles. With that said, there are no definitive lists, this is just purely our opinion and we of course would love to know some of your favorite superhero video game titles too. Without further ado, check out our picks down below.

#11 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the GOTG are here on this list, after all, they were a hit game by many means. Following up on their hit movies and animated series and their resurgence in the comics.

This time around, you play a slightly more comic-accurate version of the characters as they go around the galaxy trying to be heroes…but also getting themselves into a lot of trouble. And we mean a LOT of trouble.

You’ll see hints of the Marvel Comics universe as well as the MCU in this game, including a catalog of music for you to enjoy. But, there’s also a deep story, some sweet combat, and more.

#10 Marvel’s Avengers

Those of you who enjoy the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game series may find some interest in Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics. In a lot of ways, it’s Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance but just in a fully 3D third-person perspective. Overall, this game tells a unique story of earth’s mightiest heroes where we start off with the celebration of unveiling the Avenger’s new headquarters. However, after a tragic incident occurs, the world outlaws heroes forcing the Avengers to disband. As you can imagine, a new big threat hits humanity and it’s left the Avengers to come back and save humanity all over again.

You’ll of course find some of the staple characters from Marvel including Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Likewise, with these characters, there are enough perks that can be unlocked giving you a bit more customization options for your particular heroes. With that said, the gameplay can at times feel a bit repetitive, and being set up to feel like a game as a service, you can expect there to be a ton of content regularly available.

#9 Deadpool

Deadpool may be best known for the film franchise, but a few years before its release we got an actually pretty great Deadpool video game title. The Deadpool game released in 2013 and while it was removed online due to a licensing issue, the game did make a reappearance shortly after. Honestly, this title is what you would expect from a Deadpool video game.

There’s a foul mouth Merc with an over-the-top wacky storyline, a few cameos from the Marvel universe, and it’s wrapped around a great hack-and-slash gameplay mechanic. We understand, Deadpool is a character that’s not for everyone, but if you get some enjoyment from the IP then even with this game being close to ten years old at this point, you should still give the game a go.

#8 Saints Row IV

Saints Row has been often compared as an over-the-top and wacky version of Grand Theft Auto. However, the game really stepped it up in a new direction with the launch of Saints Row IV. Released in 2013, Saints Row IV follows the leader of the 3rd Street Saints and funny enough, you’re also the President of the United States. After receiving superpowers, players are then thrown into the world as its savior over an alien invasion. Now, this superhero game is a bit different and mature so it’s certainly not aimed a kids.

We’re not sure if we’ll ever see a continuation of a Saints Row game that’s featured around superpowers and saving the day from otherworldly creatures. In fact, this was the last new mainline installment outside of the standalone expansion that came out in 2015 called Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Still, we’re sure that people would enjoy another wacky superhero version of Saints Row, but at the current moment, it looks like Volition is developing a new Saints Row game, likely for next-generation consoles.

#7 LEGO Games

Okay, so we couldn’t really just pick one game out of this category. Instead, we’re lumping them into a small point that we think is well worth putting down on the list and that’s the variety of LEGO games available in the market. There are a ton of different IPs turned into LEGO video games and they are aimed for a younger audience. That doesn’t mean older gamers can’t get some enjoyment from these games but it’s usually a safe bet that you can play these games with a younger audience around.

With that said, there are several superhero focused games available as well which again typically follows an IP such as a storyline or movie. These games are easy to pick up and understand. Not to mention that the gameplay mechanics, storyline, and puzzles are enjoyable so if you’re looking for an age-appropriate superhero game, we suggest looking into the LEGO lineup.

#6 Overwatch

Overwatch is a Blizzard-developed team-based multiplayer shooter surrounded around heroes. We’ve seen a few of these video game titles based on heroes and their various abilities launch into the market lately though it still seems that Overwatch remains one of the best video game hero shooters to purchase.

There’s a variety of game modes to choose from which may have you tweaking your role, character classes and of course strategy within the team. Likewise, the development team behind Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, will introduce new heroes into the game from time-to-time.

Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated singleplayer game mode to enjoy at your leisure as the game instead is focused on multiplayer battles. With that said, if you have a few friends who enjoy competitive FPS titles then this is a must-have. With that said, there is a sequel in the works that is said to have campaign missions, but we’re uncertain when the game will release into the market.

#5 South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The latest South Park video game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is an RPG played in a 2.5D third-person perspective and follows the events that occurred in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Within the game, players take on the role of the New Kid during a massive war of rival superhero factions. Gameplay features turn-based RPG combat where players can think out attacks before initiating them. Likewise, character classes will be available for players to choose and each will alter character stats such as increasing short-ranged or long-ranged combat.

If you’re a fan of the South Park franchise then you can expect the wacky and vulgar narrative. It’s a game that also attempts to mimic the Marvel franchise with gameplay feeling like an episode of the animated television series. This game is certainly not one for kids, but if you’re of age, give this one a chance.

#4 Injustice: Gods Among Us 1/2

NetherRealm Studios is known for the Mortal Kombat franchise and they have done some great work with the series. Ed Boon can really bring out an excellent mature fighting game into the market, but it likely turned a few hears when it was unveiled that the Mortal Kombat creator was taking on the DC Comics universe. The result was the launch of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a game that followed a timeline in which Superman took the world by force and made some strict laws and regulations when the Joker tricked the hero into killing Lois Lane. Now with a broken Superman, Batman manages to bring in the Justice League from another universe to help stop his regime.

The result was a massive hit where players received the same style of gameplay from Mortal Kombat but with a roster and storyline based around DC Comics. Since each character has a special power or unique attack, there can be some great matches between a variety of different characters. We even got a sequel with Injustice 2 which had the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor but with a storyline that follows after the initial installment. We’ll refrain from spoiling anything if you haven’t played. While the game series had a big following, we’re not sure if we’ll see the third installment or if we do, chances of it hitting the PlayStation 4 would be slim.

#3 inFamous Second Son

Sucker Punch Productions is known for a couple of video game franchises. During the PlayStation 2 era, we got the Sly Cooper franchise and on the PlayStation 3, we received inFamous which bled over onto the PlayStation 4. While there are two installments to the franchise on the PlayStation 4, we have to give a highlight to inFamous Second Son. In the game players are a superhero that finds themselves stuck in a society that fears people with unusual powers. It’s a new storyline where you’ll have to face against a department organization that hunts down and takes out any superhumans that may inhabit the area.

It’s a game that throws several different powers your way in a large open city environment and a storyline that features some choice and consequences. Depending on the actions you make will determine how the storyline will play out. If you enjoy this game and want even more then you could find yourself interested in diving back into that same world but in inFamous: First Light, a title that released shortly after inFamous: Second Son but acts as a prequel to the game.

#2 Batman: Arkham Trilogy

Rocksteady paved the way for how Batman video games should be handled. The Batman Arkham series is iconic and a trilogy that has allowed plenty of players to be turned over to the DC Comic series or further explore the Batman IP otherwise. It would be tough to really just pick one game from the series that Rocksteady developed, but with the developers delivering three mainline installments, besides Batman: Origins which was handled by a different studio, players can enjoy the full storyline right now on the PlayStation 4. Each installment features iconic villains and gameplay mechanics to further give you the feeling of being the Dark Knight in Gotham City.

From using martial arts against random thugs, investigating a crime scene, grappling up buildings, to even using the Batmobile, the game series is just an overall thrilling superhero experience.

Grant it, there are only three installments from Rocksteady, and even with an open world to explore, you may feel the urge to dive back into Gotham City once again after completing the trilogy. We’re not sure just what the next title the development studio is working on next, but after Rocksteady’s massive success with Batman, we’re sure that they will be given access to once again further play around int he DC Comics universe.

#1 Marvel’s Spider-Man

When it comes to exclusives on the PlayStation 4, Marvel’s Spider-Man is easily going to be a title worth picking up. The game was a huge seller for the console platform and it offered an incredible experience being a superhero in New York City. In this game, players take the role of Peter Parker a few years after being Spider-Man. As for the storyline campaign, Spider-Man is forced to deal with a super-human named Mister Negative who is threatening to seize control and release a deadly virus within the city.

While you have the main campaign, there is additional DLC content and an open world to explore. It’s also just incredibly satisfying web-swinging around the city and having citizens react to you as the world-famous Spider-Man. There’s a reason why so many publications gave this game outstanding reviews and the title-winning several awards. It’s a game just well worth playing and while it’s not slated to release on the PlayStation 4, it does look like we are going to get a Spider-Man: Miles Morales storyline on the PlayStation 5. It would seem that this will be the only Spider-Man installment for the console but if you own a PlayStation 4 and are looking for a superhero title to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with this title.


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