Together with the release of World Update X: United states, Microsoft Flight Simulator has also obtained a new chook in the hangar: the American-built typical twin-engine piston, the Beechcraft Model 18. With its all-steel body and lovely style, the Design 18 is a retro gem and the fifth entry in Asobo’s Regional Legends collection for the sim.

The “Twin Beech” hails all the way from the late 1930s. It was introduced in the course of 1 of the most lively durations in aviation historical past — just before World War II began.


Over a 30-yr span, 9,000 units of the aircraft ended up made. It grew to become liked for its strong radial engines, and was made use of across a prosperity of facets, these as government transport (for this reason its stunning interiors), together with much more rugged operations like hearth suppression and mapping. She was clearly built to previous, as there stays a handful of active airframes to this working day.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Official Beechcraftt Model 18 1 (copy)

Flying first class

Even by modern day expectations, the Beech Product 18 is still a very capable device. It can fly as superior as 20,500 toes, and operates at a leading pace of 230 mph. With a selection of 1,130 miles, it can even make some lengthier journeys such as a mid-haul hops throughout the continental US.

As demonstrated in the trailer under, while it does retain a whole lot of its basic avionics, it also sporting activities a modern day Garmin GPS module — likely as a separate choice.

The Beechcraft Product 18 is available to obtain now by means of the in-match Market for $14.99 USD.


There are even a lot more aircraft in the is effective for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The record consists of the in the same way retro Douglas DC-3 from Aeroplane Heaven and just marginally more modern-day Airbus A310 from iniBuilds.

Both equally craft will be untraditionally released completely for totally free as aspect of the unique 40th Anniversary Version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new enlargement is coming in November, and characteristics a wide range of other aircraft in addition to the arrival of helicopters and gliders.


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