Square Enix has finally acted upon their words as the platform has kicked off its NFT journey as the first NFT project is live on Enjin’s Efinity blockchain

The NFT project is based on Final Fantasy VII characters and launches on Enjin’s Efinity blockchain – A layer-1 Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

Square Enix is a Japanese video game developer and entertainment company – it is home to the Final Fantasy franchise and Dragon Quest. The Japanese company isn’t new to Web3 as the developer brought Dungeon Siege to The Sandbox. 

As a matter of fact, Square Enix sold its IP Tomb Raider for $300 million to solely focus on blockchain gaming. 

The NFT collection started rolling out on 21 July – NFT enthusiasts can order the physical action figures and redeem their NFTs from the code they receive with the package. Later this year, the company will also start rolling digital trading cards with redeemable NFTs. 

Square Enix chose Enjin’s Efinity blockchain as it ensures zero carbon print and works on a layer-1 blockchain solution. As Final Fantasy VII is also about saving the planet from huge corporations killing the planet, Square Enix will make sure that its actions reflect its vision. 

Blockchain games have survived the crypto winter (yes, we do know the market is cold), which is making big gaming companies shift their focus on Web3 technologies. 

However, those who have announced making the shift are receiving huge backlash from the community. This may be due to the fact that crypto and blockchain adoption needs to happen. Ubisoft, GSC Game World, and Netmable have been the culprit as they announced the shift.


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