These days, mobile phones come with more unique and innovative features. However, there are more and more people who prefer phones that are simple and offer similar features that they have grown accustomed to. This is exactly what the Nokia C2-01 and the Nokia C3-01 have to offer.

True, the phones do come with more basic features. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the internet on these phones. They still allow you to download, upload, browse, and check emails on a 3G network. Furthermore, you will enjoy satisfactory visibility on the 2 inch screen of the C2 and 2.4 inch screen on the C3.

Phones by Nokia will never be complete without access to Ovi. These phones give you access to your favorite Ovi services. You can purchase multimedia, themes, and applications from the Ovi Store. Prepare to enjoy every convenience Ovi has to offer with these 2 phones.

These days, we can never get enough of social networks. In fact, most of us check on social networking services before we start with our daily routines. With the Nokia C2-01 and the Nokia C3-01, you can check on your favorite social networks such as Facebook. You can now check on status updates, posts, blogs, and pictures at any time.

No phone will ever be complete without integrated cameras. The phones come with cameras that are up to par with our expectations. The C2 comes with a 3.15 MP camera. The C3 comes with a 5 MP camera. With these cameras, you are sure to capture high-quality images and record high-quality videos. In addition, the phones come with microSD card support for additional storage space.

When entertainment comes to mind, these phones come with preloaded games. You can spend countless hours enjoying these preloaded games on the Nokia C2-01 and the Nokia C3-01. If ever you feel the need to play additional games, you can always purchase and download more compatible games from the Ovi Store. This way, you can always pass the time with mobile games.

Instant messaging services have always been a problem for a number of mobile devices. This will not be the case with these 2 phones. They will give you easy access to your favorite instant messaging services. With the phones, you can always chat away.

There are a number of people who do not need fancy features to get the best out of a phone. With the Nokia C2-01 and the Nokia C3-01, simple is always best.

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