Let us rock, baby! Season 6 of Video Gameography receives classy as we take a look at the Satan May Cry collection! Around the future number of weeks, we’ll be covering the historical past and lore of Capcom’s premiere motion franchise. This week we go all the way to hell with Dante as we unpack the mysterious small-level in the series, Devil Could Cry 2.

Releasing a short 15 months following the launch of Satan May Cry, Dante returns with a 2-disc experience which is more typically than not noticed as the worst game in the sequence, and there are incredibly good reasons as to why it turned out that way. In this episode of Video clip Gameography, we converse about the tumultuous improvement cycle that didn’t incorporate the crew at the rear of DMC, Group Small Devils. From an unidentified initially director to arcade-centered developers making their 1st console video game and a late changeover of way, Satan May perhaps Cry 2 has all of the trappings of a venture that would have been canceled. That is, if not for the gentleman who would shepherd the sequence for yrs to arrive. 

Join hosts Marcus Stewart (@MarcusStewart7), John Carson (@John_Carson), along with Match Informer Editor-In-Chief Andrew Reiner (@Andrew_Reiner

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