OlliOlli developer Roll7 has announced Rollerdrome, a futuristic shooter on skates. The brutal blood activity video game will be coming to PS5, PS4 and Personal computer by means of Steam on 16th August.


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It’s the 12 months 2030 and Rollerdrome has taken around as the sport of alternative, combining elegant skating tricks with gradual-motion murder for the applications of… Saturday afternoon amusement? Decide on your weapons, try to land the killing blow and endure to the conclusion of the round and you could possibly just make it through the spherical and the championship as a entire.

Positive, it is acquired a skinny lined cel shaded aesthetic, but if you are not finding Rollerball vibes, then you clearly haven’t viewed enough 70s and 80s dystopian cinema.


Roll7’s Paul Rabbitte and Andreas Yiannikaris wrote up an explainer of how to get forward in the match:

  • Skate or die: In Rollerdrome, slowing down or stopping is a confident-hearth way to get you killed. Chase the adrenaline and continue to keep up the rate at all instances – you will need to be continuously relocating and carving paths through the arena. Target on dodging enemy attacks and pulling off tips – each will restock  your ammo. You can fire at enemies to lower their wellness and stagger them as you go, but don’t be tempted to prevent moving!
  • Moves like stagger: Staggering enemies interrupts their assaults, and in the scenario of the Riot Guard (who shields himself with a substantial metal riot protect) will put them in a susceptible point out the place they’ll consider damage from all weapons.
  • Reloading: You acquire ammo by undertaking tips. The more sophisticated the trick, the more ammo you’ll be able to achieve.
  • Weapons: You are going to have a array of weapons obtainable to you as you development by the ranges – you’ll begin with the basic Dual Pistols, but as you development you will unlock other weapons, which includes a Grenade Launcher and the formidable Z-11 Energy Rifle. Get the time to understand which weapons you gravitate in direction of, and which are most powerful towards different enemy types.
  • Artful dodging: While you want to stay transferring at all moments, you also need to have to be agile to keep away from enemies – or to hunt them down. Use your dodge roll to make quick adjustments in direction. Retain an eye open for enemies getting goal.
  • Aim for perfection: The dodge roll and air dodge are not just useful for relocating all-around – they are also the most powerful moves you have, enabling you to dodge any variety of enemy attack. You are going to will need to utilise dodging as a tactic to evade the really proficient House Gamers – enemy combatants who stand among you and your pursuit of victory in the Rollerdrome Arena. If you time it just appropriate, you can accomplish a Ideal Dodge and enter Super Reflex mode.
  • Keep super: Super Reflex method makes it possible for you to expertise the final stream state! As an athlete at the quite prime of your sport, the adrenaline hurry of executing beautifully-timed methods grants you a moment of gradual-motion clarity. These quick bursts of slo-mo action are the excellent time to pull off some superior tricks or blast some enemies, as you also get a 1.5X injury multiplier when in this manner..
  • Hold up the combos: Combos are realized by securing kills in swift succession.
  • The sacred texts: If you are caught on a certain degree – or just hungry for increased scores, look at the Tricktionary, the place you will come across details for pulling off new and exciting tricks. You can start out small, but as you increase, try to concentrate on the advanced tips section – these complicated maneuvers will support increase your rating, and they also award much more ammo when reloading.

We’re hunting forward to seeking to put this into motion. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just visit the happier-go-luckier chilled out environment of OlliOlli Entire world alternatively.

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