Wildcat Gun Machine is a twin-adhere shooter for the Nintendo Switch. It can also be submitted neatly underneath the “bullet hell” class given that this is a match that throws every thing at you. From everywhere you go. All at the moment. In brief, if you’re wanting for a demanding shooter, this supplies precisely what you have to have.

Regular of numerous video games in this style, there’s no story to converse of. From the environments, I believe you’re some sort of female bounty hunter gunning down awful-looking aliens on board a spacecraft. It doesn’t extremely issue the gameplay ensures you are saved on your toes the whole time, with little area for narrative.

Wildcat Gun Machine - Nintendo Switch - screen 1

As a twin-stick shooter, the controls practically speak for them selves: command the character with a person adhere and the gun with the other. Then hearth continuously at everything on screen. There’s an exploratory factor at play as effectively. Each and every of the game’s 4 chapters opens with a smaller spot surrounded by various locked sections. As you reach the finish of each and every space, a boss battle will enable accessibility to the following portion.

The aesthetics are fantastic. Wildcat Gun Machine presents a vibrant isometric look at of the entire world, with beasts of all styles and measurements. Your character’s sprite has a cartoony feel to it, complete with a huge head. She makes use of a cat electrical power to respawn – it seems stranger than it is – which is the place the game receives at minimum aspect of its identify. The relaxation of the title relies on the massive assortment of weaponry.

Wildcat Gun Machine - Nintendo Switch - screen 2

Oh of course, you are going to unlock a good deal of hand cannons on your journey to free of charge the universe (or whatsoever our mission really is). Each individual new gun is more powerful and extra attention-grabbing-looking than the final. They also vary in velocity and hurt, so you can uncover that sweet spot that operates for you. You can assign two blasters at a time, a single common and a single distinctive. Conventional weapons occur with limitless ammo, making it possible for you to shoot to your heart’s information. Distinctive weapons may possibly be much better, but they have a minimal offer of ammo. Fortunately, refills are dotted all over the place, because you’ll need them.

The enemies are grotesque, to say the minimum. They occur in all designs and sizes, normally hunting like a thing from a hardcore metallic video: consider flaming skulls, spewing environmentally friendly gargoyles, and other monstrosities. They are in plentiful source and they are not afraid to shoot at you. Or explode close to you. Or spew on you. Ewww.

Wildcat Gun Machine - Nintendo Switch - screen 3

Talking of steel, the soundtrack takes its cues from this visible tone with some pleasant guitar factors and mashes it with an industrial vibe, offering it an eerie, quickly-paced sci-fi feel that keeps the adrenaline pumping. It matches with the visuals properly, nevertheless it is a little repetitive at situations. 

Total, Wildcat Gun Device is an addictive and unbelievably tricky shooter. The broad wide range of weapons and the exploratory element preserve it fascinating. If you’re searching for a challenge, you will certainly locate it listed here.


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