Welcome to the Kaiju Wars 

Kaiju is a style of cinema that has captivated audiences and inspired artists for above half a century. Outside the fandom, the genre has for the most portion been outlined by the legacy of Godzilla. Fortunately other terrific operates have also experimented with to stand out by shelling out homage to the genre (seeking at you Pacific Rim).

Kaiju Wars is one particular these types of perform as it is just one huge tribute to the kaiju style as a result of a switch dependent system activity. This is a activity that was naturally built by hardcore kaiju supporters for players who are also admirers of kaiju movies. I say this simply because you will see so many homages to a lot of operates, be it the legendary ones or the lesser identified titles. For the reason that if there is one thing this recreation is not shorter on it’s as quite a few reference to any kaiju movie. 

The War Commences

Welcome to the year 20XX, a globe in which individuals live in mega towns, and kaiju attacks are the norm. Players consider on the part of an elected official tasked with defending the metropolis and scientists from kaiju attacks. On the other hand, not all is what it appears to be as there are other forces at get the job done to ensure humanity’s destruction.  

The gameplay is very similar to titles like Progress Wars and Hearth Emblem. Fight is a common turn-based mostly utilizing a gird structure. Gamers will shift their forces on the grid when and attack the kaiju. At the exact same time, they will grow their armies by constructing far more tanks or aircraft though attaining entry to new components. On the other hand, time is not on the player’s facet as they have to full the aims in advance of the kaiju has ravaged the globe. 

The Scientific Method 

Kaiju Wars biggest attractiveness is not just the gameplay experience but how it sets itself up as an interactive homage to the style by itself. From the residence menu to the lots of components of the video game, this is truly a person tribute to the kaiju style. 

From the planet-constructing to the several monsters and figures, this video game hits all the proper marks. It is aware all the staples of the kaiju style and it taps into it all. One particular could also appreciate the soundtrack that requires the staples from most kaiju films and offers it the chiptune therapy. This performs in favor of the game’s design as it enhances the minimalist look and the general entire world of the encounter. 

Players are not just constrained to enduring the main story. Multiplayer and distant engage in make it possible for you to delight in the knowledge with a mate, thus enabling you to delight in anything with one more kaiju supporter. The map editor lets you to create your possess kaiju situation. 

A further aspect of Kaiju Wars is that it does not want to let gamers comprehension of the style be limited to the Godzilla series. On the property menu display, you could have access to a wide range of kaiju films that are presently in the general public domain. From Gamera to Pulgasari (that famed North Korean movie) is accessible to watch by way of the Online Archives. It is a welcoming handle for kaiju lovers and indicates to broaden the horizon of lots of unfamiliar with the lots of forgotten gems. 

The Menace Down below

Like so quite a few titles in the switch-dependent system genre, Kaiju Wars has a challenging studying curve and it could be demanding for newbie followers. This is one particular of all those online games that if you stop enjoying it for a number of weeks, you certainly have to relearn everything. hence it may well not come to feel welcoming to avid gamers unfamiliar with the style or who can not actually devote that much time into the recreation. 

Wipe out All Monsters

Kaiju Wars is a single large enjoy letter to the kaiju genre as it is familiar with what outlined it and what tends to make it so legendary. At the same time, it tries to broaden the player’s horizon by encouraging them to glance beyond Godzilla and works like Evangelion. It succeeds at performing equally of them in 1 encounter. 

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Kaiju Wars (Personal computer)

Kaiju Wars (PC)


  • Tale and worldbuilding is a person homage to the kaiju style
  • Memorable chracters and monsters
  • Wonderful chiptune soundtrack


  • Steep mastering curve that could prevent some players

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