This might just be the golden era of mobile games.

From long road trips to waiting for the bus, keeping yourself occupied by playing a game on your phone from time to time is very addictive.

There’s also an endless library of options.

Mobile games have made quantum leaps over the past two decades and now offer high-resolution graphics, in-depth worlds, and challenging campaigns, all from the comfort of your own pocket.

So which is the most popular?

According to Mozillion’s mobile gaming report for 2022 using Google search data, the 25 most-searched-for mobile games have been unveiled for the year. Topping the list is Minecraft with a staggering 24.9 million global searches per month.

Mozillion credits Minecraft’s ranking as piggybacking off its huge success across consoles and PCs. The card-classic Solitaire placed second with just over 16.5 million monthly searches, followed by Free Fire, pulling in more than 13.5 million searches per month.

Other notable popular mobile games include the timeless Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Temple Run, and Pokémon Go, all of which have been global sensations upon their respective releases and remained all the rage for several years.

Here’s what the top 25 most-searched-for mobile games across the world are for 2022:

1 Minecraft 24,900,000
2 Solitaire 16,600,000
3 Free Fire 13,600,000
4 Among Us 11,100,000
5 Genshin Impact 7,480,000
6 PUBG Mobile 4,090,000
7 League of Legends 4,090,000
8 Brawl Stars 2,740,000
9 Subway Surfers 2,240,000
10 Pokemon Go 1,500,000
11 Knives Out 1,220,000
12 Pokemon Unite 1,220,000
13 Stardew Valley 1,220,000
14 Clash of Clans 1,000,000
15 Angry Birds 1,000,000
16 Clash Royale 1,000,000
17 Dead by Daylight 1,000,000
18 PUBG: New State 1,000,000
19 Call of Duty: Mobile 823,000
20 Ludo King 823,000
21 Flappy Bird 823,000
22 Terraria 823,000
23 World of Tanks 673,000
24 8 Ball Pool 673,000
25 Temple Run 550,000

More information pertaining to the mobile games’ duration times and difficulty can be found right here.


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