My little nephew, aged 8, now is a primary school student came home after classes and told me that, he played online games in class today, and it’s OK with the teachers. A new it course now offers local students the chance to take an online game as part of their studies of online forum registration and internet-based communication methods.

Online games are actually common among young students through the statistics released by China internet network information center, about 60 million of china’s neatens are young students. They include 15.8 million rural students, and online game payers account for 60.8 percent of them. The proportion is much higher in urban areas.

There are two main attitudes to this action. Some believe that this is progress brought by the internet era, and point out that the course will be beneficial if it is designed to be both fun and informative.

Others say that online gaming classes will be negative on pupils, as they are too young to control themselves. An expert on internet addition expressed his concern after becoming familiar with the new course. He contended that it would mislead the children and make game-loving children addicted to online games. The most important things are for children to learn that computers are important tools for information collection and research instead of toys just for playing games.

I was defiantly of the second group. No one can ensure that online gaming courses will not bring side effects. The quality of education has a direct bearing on children’s futures. Educators must be fully aware of the responsibilities on their shoulders, since their work is related to the next generation of our nation.

Nowadays, many educational websites have open forums for visitors to communicate with each other. Why not choose one of these websites as a platform for students to learn online forum registration and communication methods? Why only choose online games for this purpose? What I’m worried more about is the less safe internet environment now. Strict and scientific procedures should be adopted to ensure that schools really teach their students something useful.

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