Mobile phones have virtually become indispensable; with the introduction of smart phones further its indispensability. The deluge of new models with attractive features has led to a flurry of activities in the applications segment with publishers and developers continuously launching new applications and developing new avenues for mobile monetization.

Mobile Monetization: Options

While games have been the traditional means of making money through mobiles, the new web-based features offered by smart phones like iPhone and Android have opened up several new ways of mobile monetization. Third party applications for this phones have also emerged as a major option for earning money through mobile phone applications. The craze for social media has also encouraged users to use their smart phones for more than just emailing, sending messages or browsing.

The best way for mobile monetization of content is to ensure adequate coordination between various players, which include mobile phone manufacturers, broadband providers, application developers, publishers and advertisers. Ad management networks work to unite the video content owners with the various advertising sources to ensure that their products can support multiple formats and run on any type of mobile phone (even those not supported by Flash).

Advertisers and content developers are trying unique ways to launch advertisements for mobiles. Some popular ads are:
→ Banner ads or mobile web posters of varied sizes to match the screen size of a mobile phone.
→ MMS Advertisements
→ Advertisements within mobile games and other applications
→ Full Screen Interstitials which appear when users are downloading or browsing different applications
→ Audio Advertisements or Talk to me Ads

A major advantage of mobile advertising is that one can measure the impact made by a campaign through methods like measurement of views and click through.

Successful monetization of mobile ads or applications is dependent on:
→ Appropriate placement of an ad
→ Use of multiple ads in a single page
→ Target the ad well and filter out unwanted ads
→ Optimize the ads for end user of the targeted phones
→ Choose the right ad network which can provide the right tools for incorporating an ad in a mobile phone or its application.

iVdopia is a leading mobile advertising network that offers a variety of mobile ad formats that support different mobile phones. The company has developed several unique advertising formats including an HTML5 based platform to enable better mobile monetization of various applications and content.

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