The Rapport system in Lost Ark allows you to increase your reputation with a specific NPC to build your relationship.

Building Rapport with NPCs unlocks new questlines and useful rewards, including Skill Point Potions and gold.

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You cannot build Rapport with all NPCs in the game, only those who have a ‘Rapport’ option when you interact with them. They are displayed with a heart icon on the map.

The Rapport menu can be accessed by clicking ‘Alt+N’ on your keyboard or through Adventure and then Rapport in the bottom-right menu.

In this guide, we give you all the information that you need on the Rapport system in Lost Ark, from how to build Rapport with NPCs to what NPCs to focus on first.

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What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

Rapport in Lost Ark is a system where you can build reputations with specific NPCs to improve your relationship with them.

Building Rapport with an NPC to increase your affection and relationship with them gives you access to new questlines and various rewards.

You can access the Rapport system menu by clicking ‘Alt+N’ on your keyboard or by clicking Adventure and then Rapport in the bottom-right menu.

While the Rapport system works as a reputation system with individual NPCs, the game does also feature another reputation system through Una’s Tasks, where you can build a reputation with a group of people, often an island.

Far from all NPCs in the game are Rapport NPCs, and you can only build Rapport with Rapport NPCs.

All Rapport NPCs are marked with a red heart on the map, and they have a ‘Rapport’ option when you interact with them.

You can also see the full list of Rapport NPCs in the game by opening the Rapport menu.

How to increase Rapport with NPCs

You need to increase affection with Rapport NPCs to improve your relationship with them if you wish to unlock new quests and rewards.

There are five different ways to increase affection with Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark:

  • Give Rapport gifts
  • Play instrument
  • Dialogue
  • Show emotes
  • Complete quest

They are the five options you can choose in the bottom-left corner under ‘Rapport’ when interacting with a Rapport NPC.

Lost Ark How to Increase Rapport
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

You can give Rapport gifts to Rapport NPCs to increase your relationship with them.

All Rapport NPCs have specific gifts that they prefer. You can see what gifts a specific Rapport NPC prefers and how many Rapport points they give when gifted by clicking the Details icon in a Rapport NPC’s box in the Rapport menu.

Lost Ark Thirain preferred Rapport gifts
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

You can give a maximum of 30 of the same Rapport gift to the same NPC per day, and a total of 99 gifts per day overall.

Playing an instrument, which is playing a song from your Sheet Music collection, increases the Rapport points you have with a Rapport NPC.

You cannot play any song for a Rapport NPC, only the ones that they display when pressing Play Instrument.

The different songs that you can play for a Rapport NPC give different amounts of Rapport, which you can see after pressing Play Instrument, and you can play a maximum of 5 songs per day overall, 6 if you have the Crystalline Aura. The same song cannot be played more than once per day for the same NPC.

Lost Ark Rapport Play Song
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Every Rapport NPC has Rapport dialogue that you can listen to, which will increase your Rapport with that NPC.

Rapport dialogues are the options marked with a dialogue icon on the left and the name of the dialogue next to it.

You can only listen to the same dialogue from a Rapport NPC once.

Lost Ark Rapport Dialogue
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Showing emotes to a Rapport NPC works similarly to playing them a song. You click Show Emotes and you’ll see the different emotes that you can show that rapport NPC.

Emotes that you can show a specific Rapport NPC give different amounts of Rapport points, and you can only show a total of 5 emotes to Rapport NPCs overall daily, 6 if you have the Crystalline Aura. The same emote cannot be used more than once per day for the same NPC.

Lost Ark Rapport Show Emote
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Completing Rapport quests, or ‘receive a quest’, is the option that gives you the latest Rapport quest a specific Rapport NPC has to offer.

You can receive and complete a new Rapport quest after reaching a higher Rapport rank, level, or virtue points requirement.

To see what the requirements for the next quest are, click ‘Receive a quest’ in the Rapport options.

You often need to complete the next Rapport quest before you can keep increasing your Rapport with an NPC through the four other methods. Completing Rapport quests also increases your Rapport points with that NPC.

Lost Ark Rapport Receive a quest
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

After you’ve reached a higher Rapport level or rank with a Rapport NPC, you cannot keep increasing the affection with a Rapport NPC through any of these five methods before you’ve completed their next Rapport quest.

Rapport NPCs have virtue points requirements that require you to have a specific number of points in some virtues before you can keep giving using each method to increase Rapport.

Certain Rapport NPCs also have either virtue points requirements or quest requirements before you can even start interacting with them. They will tell you their requirements when you try to interact with them. Quest requirements can also be seen in the Rapport menu.

Rapport options that are currently unavailable because you do not meet the requirements are greyed out, and when you click them, it tells you the requirements that you need to meet.

Where to get Rapport gifts

Giving gifts to Rapport NPCs will account for a large amount of the Rapport points you earn with them.

Here are the different ways to acquire Rapport gift items in Lost Ark:

  • Exchange Rapport NPC
  • Events
  • Adventurer’s Tome and Collectibles rewards
  • Island quests
  • Mari’s Secret Shop
  • Trade Merchants
  • Wandering Merchants
  • Welcome Challenges

You can see what Rapport items you currently have by opening your Inventory, clicking the Storage icon at the top, and then selecting the Rapport tab.

Lost Ark Rapport Items Inventory
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

To see how many Providence Stones you have, click the Currency Inventory icon at the top of the screen, go to the Token Items tab, and click Collectible.

The Exchange Rapport NPC is located in every major town in Lost Ark. At this NPC, you can exchange Providence Stones for Rapport gifts.

That means that any content that gives you Providence Stones indirectly gives you Rapport Gifts.

Unlike many other exchange NPCs in the game, the Exchange Rapport NPC in each town is not the same. They sell only Rapport gift chests corresponding to the continent where the town they are in is located or nearby continents if they have no major towns.

Lost Ark Rapport Gift Exchange NPC
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

So, if you’re building Rapport with a Rapport NPC in North Vern, use the Exchange Rapport NPC in Vern Castle.

Many events and event shops sell Rapport item chests, so make sure to check what events are running as you read this.

Both the Adventurer’s Tome and some Collectibles give Rapport gift items as a reward for reaching milestones.

Many of the island quests that you can complete on the smaller island on the open sea of Lost Ark give either Rapport gifts directly as a reward or Providence Stones, which you can then exchange for Rapport gifts.

One of the things that you can purchase for Blue Crystals in Mari’s Secret Shop located in the Store is Rapport chests.

Trade Merchants that visit your Stronghold sell a variety of items. Occasionally, they sell Rapport items.

Wandering Merchants that visit different areas of the game at specific times also sell Rapport items.

The last way to get Rapport gifts in the game is by completing Welcome Challenges, located in the top-right corner next to the minimap. The challenges that give Rapport items are under the Basic Guide tab.

Rapport ranks and levels

As you build your relationship with a Rapport NPC, you can reach higher ranks of Rapport or relationship.

Within each Rapport rank, there are between 1 and 3 levels.

Here are the different Rapport ranks or relationships you can have with Rapport NPCs:

  • Disinterested (0 levels)
  • Neutral (2 levels)
  • Amicable (3 levels)
  • Friendly (3 levels)
  • Trusted (0 levels/1 level)
  • Affection (0 levels)

Only the two Rapport NPCs Ealyn and Sasha can reach the Affection Rapport rank. All other Rapports can only reach the Trusted rank.

Ranks with 0 levels mean that you either haven’t started your Rapport relationship with them, don’t meet their requirements, or they cannot reach higher Rapport ranks.

The reason why the Trusted Rapport rank says both 0 and 1 level(s) is that Ealyn and Sasha can reach Affection rank, which means that they have 1 level to gain more Rapport points at Trusted rank, while the rest of the Rapport NPCs are maxed out at Trusted and thus cannot gain any Rapport points at that rank.

To increase your Rapport rank with a Rapport NPC, you have to go through the different levels at the current Rapport rank. After building enough Rapport points in the last level of the current rank, the NPC will reach the next rank.

You can see the current Rapport rank and level you have with a Rapport NPC at the top of the screen while interacting with them.

Rewards from the Rapport system

There are many great rewards to earn from the Rapport system, which is why you want to build up your Rapport relationship with NPCs.

Here are the different rewards that you can earn from building Rapport with Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark:


  • Giant’s Hearts
  • Island Souls
  • Masterpieces
  • Omnium Stars

Stat-increasing potions

  • Vitality Increase Potions
  • Stat Increase Potions
  • Crit Potions
  • Charisma Potions
  • Courage Potions
  • Wisdom Potions
  • Kindness Potions


  • Ancient Gold Coins
  • Ancient Platinum Coins
  • Bloodclaw’s Glittering Coins
  • Pirate Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Sailing Coin Selection Chests
  • Providence Stones
  • Golden Goblin Coins

Game systems

  • Cards
  • Card Experience
  • Stronghold Dispatch Crew
  • Engraving Effect Recipe Pouches
  • Adventurer’s Tome Item
  • Skill Runes
  • Mounts
  • Emotes


  • Ship Crew
  • Ship Blueprints
  • Sail Glyphs


  • Phoenix Plumes
  • Recovery Battle Item Chests
  • Battle Item Chests


  • Entrance Ticket: Secret Laboratory
  • Secret Map


  • Crafting Ingredients
  • Crafting Recipes

You can claim rewards from Rapport NPCs when you reach a higher rank of relationship with them.

To see what rewards a specific Rapport NPC gives at each Rapport rank, open the Rapport menu, find the NPC, and click the Details icon in its box.

Lost Ark Rapport Rewards
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Of all the rewards that you can get from Rapport NPCs, the most important are those that increase your stats. Especially Giant’s Hearts are important, as you get Skill Point Potions from the Giant’s Hearts collectibles rewards.

What Rapport NPCs to focus on first

With the vast number of Rapport NPCs, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to focus on first.

In general, these are the best Rapport NPCs to focus on first:

  • Beatrice
  • Blue-Eyed Calvasus
  • Sasha
  • Nineveh

The reason why you want to start building your Rapport relationship with these NPCs first is that they give Giant’s Hearts.

In the Giant’s Heart collection rewards, you can get Skill Point Potions, which are very valuable.

Of the NPCs listed above, Beatrice has the lowest virtue points requirements before you can reach the rank that gives a Giant’s Heart, Blue-Eyed Calvasus has the second-lowest, and Sasha and Nineveh have the same requirements.

After you’ve built Rapport with these 4 Rapport NPCs or you’re unable to increase their Rapport till you’ve acquired more virtue points, you should start building Rapport with the NPCs that give you the items that you need currently.

You can see what each Rapport NPC gives at each Rapport rank by clicking the Details icon in their box in the Rapport menu.

If you’re unsure what items you need to keep progressing, we recommend looking for Stat Increase Potions, Virtue Point Potions, and gold, as those are always needed for progression.

The fastest way to increase Rapport

If you’re after a specific reward from a Rapport NPC, chances are that you want to get it as quickly as possible.

The fastest way to increase Rapport with a Rapport NPC in Lost Ark is by giving them Rapport gifts that they prefer to receive. You can give up to 30 Rapport gifts to the same Rapport NPC daily, which equates to a ton of Rapport points.

Do note that even though you might have enough Rapport gifts or enough resources to buy them to get an NPC to their highest Rapport rank, you might not have enough virtue points to keep giving them gifts.

As you increase the Rapport rank of a character, you need to complete their next Rapport quest before you can further increase their Rapport points.

Rapport quests have virtue points requirements, and the higher the current Rapport rank of the NPC and the more important they are in the story, the higher their virtue points requirements are, usually.

In other words, you’ll likely be stuck not being able to give them more gifts before you acquire more virtue points.

To optimally increase your Rapport with Rapport NPCs, make sure to also use your daily songs and emotes, as those are free ways of obtaining Rapport points.

That’s everything you need to know about the Rapport system in Lost Ark!

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