As you commence setting up toward bigger merchandise concentrations by means of honing in Dropped Ark, you are going to start off getting in want of more and far more honing components.

You have to have a ton of Harmony Shards and Destruction and Guardian Stone Fragments at tier 1, but also Harmony Leapstones swiftly come to be a material you are going to uncover oneself functioning out of.

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There are a couple of strategies to get Harmony Leapstones in the video game, some of which can be done various periods, when other folks can only be performed when.

Harmony Leapstones can be received in Missing Ark from Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Quests just after Vern Castle, Mari’s Mystery Store, day by day and weekly Una’s Tasks, Sylmael Bloodstone exchange, Island Quests, Welcome Problems, and Events.

You can also purchase Harmony Leapstones from the Auction Home with gold, but they can be a bit high-priced when you have to have a great deal of them.

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How to get Harmony Leapstone in Dropped Ark

Suitable when you commence honing equipment in Shed Ark, you will have a lot of honing supplies to work with.

But soon after just honing all your equipment and your weapon a couple of periods, you will locate by yourself in will need of far more honing components to hold upgrading your item degree.

1 of the honing elements that you are going to operate out off is Harmony Leapstones, which are desired to hone tier 1 equipment.

The good thing is, there are really a handful of techniques to get the product in the recreation, so you can preserve honing your equipment.

Right here is each and every solitary way to get Harmony Leapstones in Dropped Ark:

  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Guardian Raids
  • Island Quests
  • Auction Residence
  • Mari’s Magic formula Shop
  • Everyday and Weekly Una’s Jobs
  • Quests just after Vern Castle
  • Sylmael Bloodstone trade
  • Welcome Problems
  • Events

Tier 1 Chaos Dungeons is one particular of the most important sources of Harmony Leapstones in Lost Ark that can be continuously farmed each individual working day.

Following you’ve exhausted you are two each day Chaos Dungeon operates with whole benefits, you can hold farming them for Chaos Dungeon Shards and Crystals that you can trade for different honing materials, which includes Harmony Leapstones, at the Chaos Dungeon Trade. Master extra in our Chaos Dungeon Tutorial.

Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone from Chaos Dungeon
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A further large source of Harmony Leapstone is Guardian Raids, which you can also get loot from two times a working day.

All tier 1 Guardian Raids fall Harmony Leapstones, and if you do each of your operates day by day, you will get a respectable amount of money above time.

If you have just arrived at stage 50 and have not explored lots of islands but, you can swiftly get a ton of Harmony Leapstones by completing Island Quests.

Island Quests are the questlines that you find on the little islands scattered all above the open up sea of Lost Ark. You have to have to sail to attain these islands.

Some of the islands that’ll web you a bunch of Harmony Shards rapidly by completing their questline consist of:

  • Starlight Isle
  • White Wave Island
  • Shadow Island
  • Panda Island

There are other islands that give Harmony Leapstones as nicely. These are just some of the kinds that give the most the fastest. The only draw back to Island Quests is that you can only full them as soon as.

Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone from Island Quest
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Harmony Leapstones can be purchased and marketed for gold on the Auction Dwelling, which suggests that you can purchase them by earning and expending gold.

It can be a little bit pricy to buy Harmony Leapstones on the Auction Residence, even though, as they commonly expense a few of gold each individual, and you require a bunch of them at larger honing concentrations.

You can also acquire Harmony Leapstones from Mari’s Secret Shop, which is located in the Keep.

It prices Blue Crystals to buy Harmony Leapstones from Mari’s Secret Store.

By way of Una’s Responsibilities, you can comprehensive each everyday and weekly quests on various islands and in distinct finish-sport PvE content.

Several of the Una’s Jobs that you can comprehensive, give Harmony Leapstone as a reward when you are tier 1.

Lost Ark Harmony Leapstones Unas Tasks
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Right after you’ve done the primary storyline in Vern Castle in North Vern, quests begin offering Harmony Leapstone as a reward.

Not all quests give them, but a ton give some honing material, and sometimes that honing product is Harmony Leapstones.

The Sylmael Bloodstone trade NPC, which is located in every single important town, allows you trade the Sylmael Bloodstones you earn from guild activities for various assets.

One particular of the issues that you can trade Sylmael Bloodstones for is Harmony Leapstones.

Welcome Difficulties, which can be accessed via the icon in the leading-ideal corner, gives you a extensive record of challenges to comprehensive.

The rewards for completing some of these include Harmony Leapstones. In particular all those in the Equipment Up grade tab usually give Harmony Leapstones.

Collaborating in situations is the final way to get Harmony Leapstones in Dropped Ark.

Harmony Leapstones is frequently one particular of the rewards you can get paid from gatherings, such as the Login Event, but test what occasions are running when you read this to make guaranteed you really don’t skip out on some great benefits.

Which is every single way to get Harmony Leapstones in Shed Ark!

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