Lords online is a great game created by the Aeria franchise. It can be accessed using a single account on the main site. This game has two worlds. The recommended server is World 2 according to the player load.

The game frame fits into the middle of the browser window leaving plenty of free space between the margins of the game frame and the browser window. This might be a little awkward on smaller monitors. You need a fast internet connection in order to be able to have a responsive flash game.

When accessing from the first time the game you need to choose a male or female hero from three races Humans, Alec and Shaba.

The Human race is has good defense capabilities. This race has created machinery to defend themselves.

The Shaba race has the advantage of strength but in the same time they have a strong discipline.

The Alec race is great with magic. Their powerful spells overcompensate the strength of the other races thus making them fierce opponents if you meet them on the battle ground.

Beginners will find very handy the welcoming tutorial that will help them make the first steps in the game. Of course you can close the tutorial anytime and start playing at your own will. Another method to learn all the basics and the more advanced stuff about this game is to do each quest and get the rewards after finishing them.

You have four types of quests such as Newbie, Leveling quests, Daily Quests and Mission Quests. This way you will never get bored because you will have a lot of activity in this game.

You can explore the territory if you wish to collect items and gain experience from battling with monsters and other opponents.

The battles with monsters and other units can be automatic or they can be commanded by the player. Even though the game AI is programmed to help the player get the most from automatic battles without to many loses the best advice is to control each battle individually. This way you will decide the most effective attack from each unit and you get to use all the items and magic that your hero is capable.

Power players of strategy games use in their advantage the time when most players are online. This is when people go to work or they are at school and cannot access the game for a long period of time. Of course you cannot know this before hand. If you feel that you know the game inside out then you can experiment guerrilla attacks on your opponent to learn his online schedule.

This is an attractive strategy game that motivates you to think and act after knowing all the details about your units and the units of your enemy. Even when we don’t want to recognize it strategy games are plain math that player need to be good at if they want to win.

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