Netflix is shaping up to be the place to go for premium mobile titles

Source: Netflix

Popular turn-based strategy game Into the Breach is a gem of an indie hit and might soon join the ranks of the best Android games. It takes place in the far future and has you fight off an alien invasion, all while making sure that you don’t destroy your cities as collateral damage while you’re at it. The hit game is available on PC, Switch, and Stadia, but now, it’s finally making the proper jump to mobile thanks to Netflix Games. As announced by the company on Twitter, Into the Breach will come to Android and iOS exclusively for Netflix subscribers. It will be available from July 19, 2022.

Into the Breach developer Subset Games announced that the mobile version will be “the exact same game” on mobile with the content you know from the other releases, though it does have a “revisited and redesigned” touch interface to make it easier to use on small screens. It will also receive the same just-announced Advanced Edition updates that are coming to other platforms for free. Refreshingly, the game makes do without ads and in-app purchases, though as any Netflix game, it requires an active streaming subscription to play — it’s not like Subset Games is just giving Into the Breach away.


The title has been praised for its simple but highly strategic gameplay, combined with a unique art style and a great soundtrack. It isn’t the first unique indie game to come to Netflix’ service, either. The company has previously added many acclaimed titles to its gaming lineup, like Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero.

If you’re intrigued but don’t want to pay Netflix on a monthly basis or want to wait until July 19, you can also look into the title on other platforms. Into the Breach is currently on sale on Steam, going for a little over a $10, and if you want to play it on your phone right away, you can also get it on Stadia for $14.99. If you’re interested in other Netflix games, make sure you know how to install them on your phone.


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