Apart from trying to escape the Underworld in Supergiant Games’ Hades, there are also mini side quests Zagreus can complete in the Fated Checklist of Slight Prophecies. A single of the prophecies on the Fated Record is The Reward of Music, which unlocks after strengthening your bond with Orpheus.

Hades: How to Play the Lyre

Unlocking The Prophecy

Just before remaining ready to comprehensive the prophecy, there are a few matters Zagreus need to do to unlock it:

  • Unlock the Fated Listing of Minor Prophecies by acquiring it from the Property Contractor.
  • Fulfill The Unwilling Musician prophecy from the Fated Listing to return Orpheus to the Household of Hades.
  • Talk to Orpheus, give him Nectar (a overall of 5 Nectar to be exact), and speak to Eurydice to persuade Orpheus to sing all over again.

After undertaking all these, communicate to Orpheus as considerably as doable, and he will suggest to Zagreus that he need to discover to engage in. This will unlock The Present of Track prophecy.

The Present of Song

At the time you have unlocked The Gift of Track prophecy, the Lyre can be procured for one particular Diamond from the Dwelling Contractor named Lyre, Splendid below the Bedchambers tab.

According to the to-do record of The Gift of Song prophecy on the Fated List, Zagreus have to learn to enjoy the Lyre by means of education and exercise (as you would in authentic lifetime). To do this, you must engage in the Lyre situated in Zagreus’ room around the foot of his bed as considerably as attainable. You can do this just before or right after each run, and you can enjoy it as significantly as you like. As envisioned, Zagreus will suck at playing the Lyre at initially, but, inevitably, he will start off to sound first rate. Do not neglect to continue to converse to Orpheus as a great deal as probable, as he will give Zagreus some tips on how to participate in. These tips, even so, are not required and for dialogue purposes only, but it is a great contact of realism nonetheless.

To comprehensive The Reward of Tune prophecy, Zagreus need to play the Lyre 210 times. Then he can phone himself a musician. Finishing this prophecy will give 2 Ambrosia as a reward. This side quest can be a chill break from hacking and slashing shades and striving to escape the Underworld.


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