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Netflix wants to move beyond video streaming and is currently diversifying its digital library with mobile games. The multi-billion-dollar company is confident it can provide the best gaming service available, having spent big to ensure only high-quality games are brought to the platform, explaining the recent price increase.

You might not know where to find Netflix’s mobile games or how to get them onto your Android device. We’ve put together a guide to streamline this process for you. Please note that in order to install these games, you must have access to a Netflix subscription while using a device running Android 8.0+.

How to navigate to Netflix Games using your Netflix app

  1. Download and install the Netflix app from the Google Play Store, or grab the installation from the Play Store widget conveniently located below.
  2. Launch the Netflix app and sign in using your login credentials.
  3. On the Netflix app’s home page, tap on Games on the toolbar at the bottom of the page.
  4. You’re now on the main page for Netflix Games. You can browse, search for game titles, and watch game trailers directly on this page.


How to install and launch Netflix mobile games

  1. Open the Netflix app, and tap on Games.
  2. Browse the main page to choose a game to install, and tap on the picture icon.

  3. Now you’re on the game app’s page. Tap on Get Game > Go to Play Store.

  4. You’ll be redirected to the game on the Play Store. Tap Install to begin installing your game. You can also search any Netflix mobile title inside the Play Store to bypass opening up the Netflix app to find your games.
  5. After installing your game, you can find it in your app drawer (or possibly on your homescreen).

  6. To launch your game, tap the game’s icon. Alternatively, you can also boot the game through the app’s listing on the Play Store or directly inside the Netflix app.

  7. Once the game is open, select and tap on your Netflix profile. Your progress is saved to the profile that you’ve selected.

Best Netflix mobile games to start with

Now that you know how to download and install Netflix’s mobile games, it’s time to choose the best titles to play. We’ve put together a list of recommended games to get you started.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme and Teeter (Up) were neck-to-neck as the two top downloaded games in February 2022. These two titles still hold up well today, making either a great choice as your first download. However, Asphalt Xtreme edges out on top for our primary recommendation, thanks to impressive graphics and tight racing controls, with loads of customization for your wheels. It’s a stellar title to see what Netflix Games is all about.

Into the Dead 2: Unleashed

The highly anticipated Into the Dead 2: Unleashed is a top recommendation, especially if you’re in the market for a zombie shooter. The action-packed run-and-gun gameplay will surely keep you on your toes. Story events and daily challenges also add a layer to any zombie hoard slaying sessions, ensuring the game doesn’t grow stale. We recommend this title for experienced mobile gamers looking for a traditional shooter experience.

This is a True Story

If you’re more into casual games, we recommend This is a True Story. It’s a narrative-based puzzle game that features beautiful hand-painted landscapes that tell an original story based on actual events and interviews. The controls are intuitive, allowing you to focus more on the experience and story—perfect for a veteran Netflix binger.

Investing in Netflix games

It may be a long haul for Netflix to rival the gaming greats, but it appears the company is already making the right moves to ensure confidence in its service. Even if you’re not currently an Android gamer, you might find Netflix’s selection of mobile games an excellent place to get you started. So go ahead and load up your Netflix app to see what the company has to offer; you may be surprised by its gaming library.

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