The Knight in Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight has a few abilities at his disposal like the dash by obtaining the Mothwing Cloak, clinging to walls by obtaining the Mantis Claw, and super dash by obtaining the Crystal Heart. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get the double jump ability.

Hollow Knight: How to Get Double Jump Ability (Monarch Wings)

In order for the Knight to perform the double jump ability, the Knight must obtain the Monarch Wings. The Monarch Wings allows the Knight to jump again while in mid-air. It refreshes when the Knight lands on the ground, clings to or jumps off a wall with the Mantis Claw, bounces off of enemies or objects with the Nail, or takes damage.

Obtaining the Monarch Wings to have the double jump ability is not a requirement to finishing the game. But, the double jump ability allows the Knight to go to the following areas:

  • Hollownest’s Crown in Crystal Peak (can also be accessed by Nail-bouncing on enemies and objects).
  • The Watcher’s Spire in the City of Tears (can also be accessed by Nail-bouncing on enemies and objects).
  • Area to battle Hornet in Kingdom’s Edge (can also be accessed by Nail-bouncing on enemies and objects).
  • The Hive in Kingdom’s Edge (can also be accessed by Nail-bouncing on enemies and objects).
  • The Palace Grounds then the White Palace.
  • The Enraged Guardian in Crystal Peak. The Knight can obtain a Mask Shard after defeating the Enraged Guardian.
  • The Fungal Core which is a sub-area of Fungal Waste. The bottom of this area leads to a hidden Mask Shard in Deepnest.

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The Monarch Wings can be found in the western part of the Ancient Basin. The Crystal Heart is required to access the area where you can obtain the Monarch Wings.

The Obstacle

From a Bench and after using the Crystal Heart ability, the Knight must first defeat the Broken Vessel to reach the area where you can obtain the Monarch Wings. The Broken Vessel is found in this part of the map:

To defeat the Broken Vessel, it is important to learn its attacks and behavior. Both the Broken Vessel and the Knight share a similar look as well as a similar moveset. Here are the Broken Vessel’s attacks:

The Broken Vessel will quickly dash backwards to get ready for another attack.

The Broken Vessel will leap to either move around the arena or towards the Knight’s current location.

The Broken Vessel will dash forward, which covers most of the arena, while slashing its Nail in the middle of the dash.

The Broken Vessel will fly for a short height from the ground and dash forward while slashing its Nail. Similar to the Slash attack, the Broken Vessel will also slash his Nail in the Middle of the dash and the attack will also cover most of the arena.

The Broken Vessel will swing its Nail from side to side in an arc above its head four times in rapid succession.

The Broken Vessel will jump high into the air, reposition at the peak of the jump, and slam down on the Knight’s position. The slam will cause four Infection blobs to spit out and away in an arc from the Broken Vessel.

The Broken Vessel will jump and position itself in the middle of the arena. Then, it will shake its head back and forth and summon a bunch of Infection blobs covering most of the arena. The Broken Vessel will emit blobs that will first go down beneath the ground then rise up emitting three blobs at a time in quick succession for about four seconds. The Broken Vessel will only use this attack three times the whole fight: when his HP is depleted to around 70%, around 45%, and around 25%,  

The Broken Vessel will summon Infected Balloons every 4-5 seconds that floats and follows the Knight to deal contact damage. This attack will happen automatically and will spawn randomly in the air. The summoning of the Infected Balloons will only start once the Broken Vessel’s HP is depleted to around 60%.

The Knight can dodge the Broken Vessel’s Backstep, Leap, Slash, Aerial Slash, and Flail attack by moving or dashing away out of the attack’s range. To properly anticipate which attack the Broken Vessel will use, you should be aware of the attack animations. Between each attack of the Broken Vessel, you can deal damage, about one to two hits at a time.

With the Cascade attack, you should focus less on inflicting damage and more on dodging the blobs. Luckily, this only happens three times during the entire fight, so it shouldn’t be too annoying. Also, make sure to deal with the Infected Balloons right away to prevent them from getting too numerous and being a nuisance.
The Broken Vessel will stagger by being stationary, facing upwards, and lightly shaking after sustaining a certain amount of damage. This can be the perfect opportunity to heal. You can also deal more damage by casting a spell if your health is still full. By attacking the Broken Vessel, it will get back on its feet and continue fighting.

Obtaining the Monarch Wings can also be useful and battle and is definitely worth obtaining. All you really have to do to obtain it is to learn the Broken Vessel’s moves and behavior to defeat it. Then, you’ll be jumping and jumping again in mid-air in no time.


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