If you are looking to start selling games online, one of the first things you need to do is locate a video game distributor. These suppliers will allow you to buy games at wholesale prices which you can sell for a profit. Without a supplier, you have no business because you have nothing to sell.

Video game distributors receive bulk quantities of consoles, games, and accessories directly from the manufacturers which lets them to keep their prices very low. Retailers and gaming stores buy their products from distributors, allowing them to make large profits. Finding a video game distributor will allow you to take the place of the retailers and make the profit for yourself.

Microsoft, Sony, and other large gaming companies have the names of some of their video game distributors on their websites. You can use this to get in contact with a supplier so that you can start your own business selling games. However, many of these companies have somewhat strict requirements on who they will sell their games to.

Many video game distributors prefer to keep their contact information secret, so that it is only open to “industry insiders”. This allows them to have fewer rules and restrictions for buying from them. Even so, the information is still available if you know where to look. You can visit your local electronics or entertainment store to ask for the name of their suppliers.

The best way to get in contact with wholesale video game distributors is to talk to someone who has started their own video gaming business. They can tell you exactly how to get a supplier, even if you are just starting out. This is much easier than contacting a distributor and hoping for a positive response, especially if you can’t afford to buy bulk amounts of inventory. Many of these people have even published guides to help people contact game suppliers and distributors and start up their own business.

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