Roblox Anime Adventures is a tower defense game that will have you collecting powerful characters from a variety of well-known anime. If you want to get the most out of your squad, you are going to need to know the ins-and-outs of the game. We’ll show you how you can evolve your characters, so you can have the most powerful units possible.

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Evolving Guide

To evolve in Anime Adventures, you will need one of the Mythic characters that currently has an evolve item available to it. Once you have one, you will need to obtain an item that corresponds with that character. Bring the item and character over to the Evolve building in the lobby to transform the unit!

Only some characters can be evolved right now, and they are Mythic rarity characters. You will need one of the following items, depending on the character.

  • Restraining Necklace – Evolves Broly
  • 2x Divine Eye – Evolves Madara
  • 2x Ultrasteel Blade – Evolves Levi
  • Shining Extract – Evolves All Might

King’s Idol is also in the game, but it currently doesn’t evolve any of the characters. As far as we’re aware, it is meant for Lelouch, who is not currently in the game.

To get these items, you can either purchase them from the Traveling Merchant for Gems or you can craft them at Beeruh, who is located in the Evolve room in the lobby.

When you have the item and character that combine to evolve the unit, you will then need to head over to the Evolve room. This is located in the lobby where you first start the game. Head inside, run past Beeruh, and into the area that is glowing blue. Select the character you want to evolve and hit the Evolve button.

Evolve Area In Anime Adventures Image

Your character will now have increased stats and their name will be slightly different depending on the character! Here’s a look at the buffs your character will get when they evolve:

  • Broly – +50% Range & +20% Damage
  • Madara – +20% Damage & Susanoo Fire
  • All Might – Smash Knockback, +40% Damage, -10% Smash Cooldown
  • Levi – +30% Damage, +25% Crit

That’s everything you need to know about evolving your characters in Anime Adventures. Be sure to head to the Roblox section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.


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