The game I am reviewing today is called Hex Empire, sponsored by Minijuegos. The game is a basic strategy game, easy to get the hang of, but does have a sense of difficulty to it.

The game starts up with a randomized map supposedly created by complicated arithmetic equations. There are 4 different countries/states you can choose from to start your conquest of world domination. When you find the map to your liking and the country to your liking you start the game. You start with a few units at your home base and move through the map by clicking on your units then clicking in the given area to move them. The unit display is as followed, Number of people in the unit you have selected over the moral number/bonus. These bonuses can be achieved by moving to certain spots on the map. For example, if you move onto a city (Regular dot) you get a people bonus which increases the number of people you have on the unit you moved to the city, another bonus is a moral bonus which can be achieved by either capturing a port (port-like icon) or by using the “Give a speech” bonus which boosts the moral of all units around the map by a great amount, but can only be used once. As you move through the map you face the computer players which can be put on different difficulties depending on your skill level. When you move your unit onto another players units then they will “fight” and the computer will decide who wins, depending on number of units and moral and whoever wins will come out alive. The option of the game is to conquer the rest of the world.

Another strategy to this is being able to have a peace pact with another computer, which usually only happens towards the beginning of the game as long as you have not came in conflict with that player. To defeat another country/state you must move your units to their main state and defeat the units standing on the main state to achieve victory and take control of all the ports and cities of the country/state you have conquered. The only downside to the game is the occasional small glitch and worst of all, there is no multi player. A game like this is just begging for online multi player. Although the game does not have multi player it is most definitely addicting, strategic and fun.

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