Have a Awesome Death is the most recent indie exploratory platformer with roguelite features, but anxiety not, it’s very distinctive. The cynical acquire on the afterlife merged with sharp visuals and rapid, remarkable gameplay makes for an enjoyable (and pretty funny) excursion by way of Demise Integrated.

In Have a Nice Demise, you engage in as Loss of life himself. After becoming overworked for way much too extensive, Demise trusts his Sorrows, significant buff minions, essentially, to acquire souls for him as he works a desk task submitting paperwork. The Sorrows go a small crazy and start out using much much too quite a few souls, forcing a now shrunken Demise to step back up to the plate to correct his organization. It is a silly and pleasantly cynical just take on the macabre subject matter of dying, juxtaposing the major issue make any difference in the most hilariously drab office atmosphere possible.

The gameplay is snappy and brief, with the effects of each and every strike feeling just correct. Platforming feels gentle but fulfilling, and jumping around foes to slash them up from powering is a blast. You can uncover diverse weapons and expertise to give you different abilities and attacks, introducing depth to the fairly uncomplicated base gameplay. Your timing and speed are significant, as dying sends you ideal back again to your paperwork-encumbered desk. You can decide on different curses that increase your stats and have other this kind of outcomes, allowing you to aim on the stats that you sense are most essential or most enjoyable to use. There’s just plenty of depth to make Have a Good Loss of life truly feel whole, which I recognize.

Bosses are difficult and intimidating, partially since they’re relatively large as opposed to your chibi demise, and partially because they are relentless. Conquering the Sorrows is no straightforward endeavor, but you truly feel immensely strong just after executing so. Making use of all your gathered skills, skills, and buffs to consider down these powerful foes is gratifying, and the humorous cutscenes that arrive just before and after the fights are a pleasant cherry on top.

Visually, Have a Pleasant Loss of life is a take care of to look at. The hand-drawn aesthetic has a ton of design and can make for a delightfully easy experience all-all-around. The different NPC and enemy styles stand out as unforgettable, with Death’s co-staff feeling specifically special. Just one is a stubby gentleman with a knife in his head, although one more is seemingly skinless. All around, the designs are good and increase even far more temperament to this now bursting title.

All-in-all, Have a Good Death is a whole lot of exciting in a morbidly cute package. It is just the ideal sum of demanding, and awesome to look at to boot. If you are previously a fan of this exploratory platformer style, or even just attracted to the grand visual aesthetic, I’d say you will not regret giving Have a Good Demise a attempt.


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