If you want to dominate your opponent like a real man in a basketball game, it is crucially important that you know how to increase your vertical jump. No pun intended, but adding hops into your game is one thing… but to dominate it with sheer strength and power… now that’s what a real man should do on court.

Some great dominant player we have on court today are Dwight Howard, LeBron James… and if you look back a few years ago, you will probably also realize that Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady posses some great and powerful dunks too.

Let us uncover these hardcore vertical jump workouts that adds great inches into your hops and at the same time, builds strength and power at your core, striking a balance between power and flair.

1) The Dead lift – Dead lifts is one of the most effective method in building and training the core muscles of your lower body. This workout routine strengthen your quadriceps and your gluteus muscles – the muscles that are responsible for more than 50% of your jump.

Yes, this is no workout for softies and if you are doing it rigorously and consistently, you will build a powerful body and at the same time, add some extra hops into your game.

Ever wonder why LeBron James or Dwight Howard’s dunk seems almost impossible to block?

One word – sheer power!

2) Full back squats – Full back squats is another killer workout to increase your vertical jump. This training targets your quadriceps and your hamstring muscles. The resistance of the weight load on your body also builds your overall physique, so that you become stronger and more powerful while improving your vertical leap.

Thus, if a 40 inch vertical leap is what you yearn for, you should never try to skip this training.

To achieve maximum hops in your vertical, you have to understand that power = strength x speed.

Full back squats adds massive strength into your lower body muscles… and the end result of your ability to jump higher after your training could be just as devastating.

3) Olympic Weight lifting – This one workout alone is going separate you from the rest of the crowd and put your vertical leap a notch above others.

In fact, the Olympic weight lifting workout is used by the NBA Superstar LeBron James… and if you have been paying attention to the news around the NBA, you know that LeBron has one of the sickest hops in basketball history.

This workout routine is so powerful because it actually builds your jumping power from your ankles all the way to your hip. The sudden jerking movement of the workout itself also helps to train your fast twitch muscles, thus, inserting both strength and speed into the workout.

The resistance from the weights itself further strengthen your leg muscles… making you one powerful mean jumping machine.

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