Considering that 2020, the standalone model of collectible card match Gwent has experienced a battle move equal referred to as journeys, which gave players a few months to gain benefits which includes avatars, animated borders, card backs, and skins, with the shiniest types only obtainable on a 2nd reward observe you had to pay to unlock. Most of the journeys have been dependent on a character from The Witcher, with an original quick tale about them appearing chapter by chapter each individual week.

Journeys gave players a purpose to hold coming back to Gwent, with quests that encouraged striving different factions and decks. They ended up also controversial owing to the brutal grind it took to gain the ideal benefits right before the following journey came together. That’s altered as of Gwent’s May well update, which has introduced again both of those of the first two journeys, Geralt’s and Ciri’s, for an unlimited time. Some additional benefits have been added also: auras based on witcher signals for Geralt and trophies for Ciri.


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