Furious is a mandatory hero for conquering and farming Wyvern Hunts in Epic 7.

His potential to inflict defense breaks on Wyverns increases your DPS’ destruction outputs by 50% and he can also utilize burns.

Wyvern 13 demands at the very least 3 debuffs to normally concentrate on your entrance-line hero. In any other case, it will assault your DPS heroes and end result in a unsuccessful operate.

Furious also boosts allied crit probability by 50% which, together with the 15% elemental advantage, involves your heroes to establish only 35% crit chance for a 100% crit level from Wyverns, preserving plenty of stats for assault, crit injury, and performance.

This tutorial is the easiest way to understand how to make Furious to Wyvern 13 regular.

It will allow you to make complete use of the injury and utility he provides for any Wyvern crew.

Obligatory Stats

Below are the stats you unquestionably have to have for Furious to be up to Wyvern 13 level. As long as you access these bare minimum needs, other stats do not subject.

Degree: 50

Attack: 2500

Pace: 190 (make certain he is the fastest on the staff)

Crit Opportunity: 35%

Crit Problems: 230%

Success: 65%

Which is it!
Really quick for any new participant to carry out. 🙂

Side Be aware: 3* awakening and s2/s3 cooldown reduction skill boosts are also essential.

What artifact is best for Furious?

Right here are the 4 most effective artifacts to use on Furious:

  1. Music of Stars
  2. Rosa Hargana
  3. Infinity Basket
  4. Daydream Joker

Truthfully, the artifact doesn’t subject far too significantly so very long as Furious has the previously mentioned stats, as well as some highly effective DPS/debuffers (these kinds of as Alexa, Muwi, Sigret, or Clarissa).

Just to show how astounding this guide is, see my Furious underneath 🙂 he is element of my 95% acquire-level Wyvern 13 workforce!

Very last note: His speed is decrease since I run a Basic Purrgis Wyvern staff, lessening the pace stats necessary for other units.


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