Several groups of builders have departed CD Projekt Red in modern a long time to type their very own studios, and Dim Passenger is the latest spin-off. The company just introduced strategies to create a Samurai-impressed adventure video game centered in feudal Japan that includes cooperative and competitive features.

Particulars are constrained at this time. We never even know what the sport will be referred to as. The builders were only ready to disclose the premise of what they are working in the direction of, as very well as some principles the studio considers important to its results.


“We have acquired working experience in the generation of titles this sort of as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. Above the past 5 many years, as a RealTime Warriors studio, we have created hundreds of animations, film sequences, figures and worlds for the needs of Indie and AAA video games.”

An unspeakable evil has been unleashed

The studio’s landing website page goes on to make clear that “We are setting up an addictive, dim earth whole of strategies, strange characters and conflicts consuming the Land of the Mounting Sunlight.”

The several paragraphs we have to operate with detail hints that the game will probable integrate some fantasy features and maybe unnatural beings. The description mentions “the shadow world” and “artifacts hiding extraordinary energy.” What just that indicates is up to interpretation.

Additional reviews these types of as characters “running right after arrows fired by other players, dynamically climbing flat walls making use of shuko claws or utilizing a yari spear as a pole to leap in excess of road blocks.” Further trace at beat total of thrives that mere mortals are incapable of.

The massive undesirable also has anything interesting heading on relevant to mysticism or augmented electric power that has authorized him to conquer all of the land. The antagonist, who is at the moment unnamed, has the potential to manipulate the wills of other individuals. All those who tried to “oppose him not only unsuccessful, but also, versus their will, joined his ranks.”

Dark Passenger Cdpr Devs Game Studio

So that all appears well and fantastic for a environment, but will the gameplay attract us in? The respond to looks perhaps yes. Aside from the bits we noted about participant abilities already, Darkish Passenger promotes customizable people of which you can modify the weapons, equipment and abilities of.

You will take on a playstyle of a thing between a samurai and a ninja. As you journey by means of the “dark lands,” you will be in a position to bounce on town rooftops, cover about the surroundings, and assault when the time is correct. You may possibly be finding some Sekiro: Shadows Die Two times or rather even Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla vibes, and so are we. Even now, it is way too early to believe everything concrete about the gameplay.

Bring your minions, er, good friends

Dim Passenger did share this though. There will be cooperative elements wherever you can presumably twin with buddies in your very own dojo. A several illustrations of weapons include katanas, tanto and wakizashi small swords, kusarigama chains, shurikens, and kunai throwing knives. The developers place emphasis on the combat demanding both dexterity, strategies and close cooperation with your comrades.

There’s also point out of “procedural solutions” for the stage style, which refers to variations in diverse playthroughs. For instance, you could see unique enemy forms, unique spawn areas, and regions may possibly show up with structure variants or be entirely distinct. Some examples of procedurally created online games consist of Remnant: From the Ashes, No Man’s Sky, Minecraft, Deep Rock Galactic, and just the roguelike style in basic.

It will possible be a long time before any release for this unnamed samurai activity that can take spot in feudal Japan. Dark Passenger will probably keep teasing us alongside the way although, and we’ll present updates as obtainable.


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