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Soon after investigator Roberts and his companion Atzalar together with professor Fargleton effectively got rid of an historical fearsome demon, Farold Roberts with Atzalar go to the abandoned manufacturing facility which is claimed to be haunted by the spirits of the lots of employees who perished there a long time back in a mysterious fireplace. At this quite night the locals report listening to some stressing appears from beneath the factory…welcome to the fourth chapter of Cursed Travels by Ferociter (Casper Van Dommelen)!

BelowTheFactory2.pngOur heroes are on their very own this time. The professor is at property, but he is considerably intrigued in this case and gave them very good suggest and a talisman which will definitely assist them once they have an understanding of how and exactly where to use it. The deserted factory is large and Farold Robertson demands to examine it adequately (Atzalar has an accident proper at the beginning) and set in movement fifteen products which are intended to get rid of the strong aggregation of lost souls.

Managed by Ad/Cursor keys, Z/K/Up/W to soar, X/L to interact, Down/S to crouch, H to exhibit a talisman, P pause, M mute.

The fourts chapter’s design and style is similar to chapters a single and two what implies that you have to have additional your blend skills than leaping ones. It can be much closer to the puzzler and the puzzles are pretty fantastic in fact. No timers this time. The game has once more a mysterious environment and a fitting soundtrack, and splendidly imaginative story.

Chapter 4

Perform Under the Manufacturing unit

Chapter 3

Perform A Neglected Seal

Chapter 2

Participate in The Shattered Labyrinth

Chapter 1

Enjoy Flame of the Banshee

Ferociter (Casper Van Dommelen) is now doing the job on a entire model Cursed Travels: Sunken Town. Predicted release in about a calendar year.


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