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Welcome to episode two of Cosplay Cast! In this edition, we welcome back MsValentine2552 to talk all things cosplay, gaming, and Twitch streaming! MsValentine2552 was part of an earlier Resident Evil cosplay article that we did to celebrate the release of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. 

The link to the video can be found below and it can be played in this article or on YouTube. We thank MsValentine2552 cosplay for her time and for coming back for another Last Word on Gaming interview!

MsValentine2552 Cosplay Interview 

We spoke about a variety of topics which can be seen in the above video. Here are the highlights and main points of the interview.


If you were to cosplay what character would you choose?x

-How she became a gamer

-Favorite franchises

-How she started to cosplay

-Early cosplay resource sharing and how that has evolved

-Early conventions she attended and her future plans for cons

-How she can help the next generation of cosplayers

-How her creative process has changed over the years

-Costumes that have been remade

-How she became a Twitch streamer (there is a Last of Us 2 SPOILER in this section so if you don’t want to know, pause the video there)

-What she likes to stream

-The community that has built up around her as she streams

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