As the Computer marketplace continues its development, a variety of organizations are doing the job to make entry less complicated for new Laptop builders. 1 this sort of business is Corsair, who desires to give even the most newbie of Laptop gamers a likelihood to establish the personalized machine of their dreams. That aspiration is turning out to be a truth with Corsair’s custom made liquid cooling kit.

While Corsair has extensive presented liquid cooling answers for Pc proprietors, it’s always been in an à la carte design and style. But Corsair is now earning custom made liquid cooling extra obtainable by providing whole starter kits to aid builders conveniently develop unique loops. Retailing for $479.99 USD in either white or black, the Hydro X Sequence iCUE XH303i RGB Professional Tailor made Cooling Kit normally takes the guesswork out of receiving commenced with a liquid CPU cooling set up for AMD AM4 and Intel LGA 1200/115X sockets.


Every little thing you need… virtually

The Hydro X Series iCUE XH303i RGB Professional Custom made Cooling Package comes with every little thing you will need to get commenced with your first custom cooling loop.

Involved in the kit are the next:

  • XC7 RGB Professional CPU cooling block
  • XR5 360mm radiator
  • XD3 Pump/Reservoir
  • 3 SP120 RGB Elite supporters
  • Corsair iCUE Commander Pro
  • RGB LED supporter hub
  • Six XT Hardline tubes with 16 whole fittings
  • XT Hardline Bending Kit
  • XL8 Crystal clear coolant
  • 250 ml filling bottle

Even though this listing may possibly appear like it addresses every thing you require, there are some items you will require to have on hand to properly construct your loop. The clear is a screwdriver kit for putting in the admirers, pump, and other areas. A person not-so-evident instrument that you might not know you’ll need is a warmth gun for bending the tubing. Fortunately, if you really don’t have a single, they operate just about $25 USD at most hardware merchants.

Getting your develop on

When you 1st open the box, there’s a excellent chance you are going to uncover on your own a little bit overcome with every thing provided. Due to the fact this is a entire kit fairly than a uncomplicated all-in-one particular remedy, almost everything is packaged separately. That usually means you will have a box for every single supporter, the radiator, the pump, etc.

Corsair HYDRO X SERIES iCUE XH303i RGB PRO Custom Cooling Kit how to

There’s a whole lot to unpack when you open up the very first box.

Once you get every thing opened from the kit, it is time to cry at how much there actually is to place collectively. Okay, it’s truly not that significantly, but once again, for a starter it may possibly come to feel that way. Talking of inexperienced persons, prepare for trial and error when you start out to establish, especially when acquiring to the latter actions of bending the tubes.

The to start with matter you are going to want to do is draw and layout how you want the areas to sit. Of course, the CPU block posture is established, but selecting on the place to put the reservoir and radiator will make all the big difference in the complexity of your bends afterwards on. A word of assistance, the newer you are, the simpler you ought to aim for your structure to be. The very last point you want is to have a layout where you are generating elaborate bends that you aren’t all set for. Have faith in me when I say: the more simple, the superior.

Professional Suggestion: Drawing out your structure on paper goes a prolonged way in the direction of generating installation a lot easier.

It is a sequence of tubes

As soon as you have your structure prepared, the upcoming move is to system your tubing format. As somebody who’s completed numerous softline cooling setups, going to hardline is no joke. I never want to sugarcoat issues. This is the place it can get cumbersome, discouraging, and, pretty frankly, change some persons off. You only get six tubes in the kit, and replacing them can get pricey if you have to have additional. But really do not allow this scare you absent, since the success are value it. Take your time, measure, bend, and cut.

When starting off, don’t be worried to make a error. If this is your to start with time working with hardline tubing, there’s a great likelihood you will screw up at some position. That shouldn’t discourage you. As an alternative, use the problems as a mastering level to get superior as you go forward. Once more, don’t rush. Measure your distances and then measure two or even a few additional occasions. Right after you get your measurements down, it’s time to bend. For this stage, you will need the warmth gun and tolerance.

Bending Min Min

Pictured is the hardline tubing bending device (Graphic credit history: Corsair).

With the XT Hardline Bending Package you get a 30cm silicone rod, which you put into the tubes although heating in purchase to steer clear of collapsing the acrylic-dependent tube when bending. To warmth the hardline tubes, go the bend area back again and forth whilst rotating. Stay away from keeping the tubing as well shut to the warmth gun, as you can perhaps burn off you and cause harm to the tubing. When it will get to the good temperature, slowly bend it into situation. The XT Hardline Bending Package arrives with a bending device, but I found it a lot easier to get the bends I wanted by totally free-handing it. Which is purely primarily based on preference, even though.

Right after you make your numerous bends and enable them neat and solidify into placement, it is time to slice. The bending package also comes with a clamp and saw to make the cuts you will need to make your elements in shape. At the expenditure of sensation like a damaged document, I’ll reiterate that you require to acquire your time with the cuts. It is also crucial to observe that it is generally superior to cut a bit way too extended rather than far too limited. Normally, your tubing won’t access the coupling sockets at equally finishes of your tubing run. You will then have to start around with a further piece of tubing and do your bends all around once more.

To put in the tubes, you’ll different the fittings and place a single half on the tube and screw the other aspect into the CPU cooling block/reservoir housing. Simply just drive the tube in, and then screw the fittings back alongside one another. At the time your bends are completed and you are pleased with your cuts and suits, rinse them in distilled water to clear out any particles or unwelcome resources still left above.

Professional Tip: Generally do your slicing right after you make your bends.

Corsair Final Hardline Loop pc gaming liquid cooling custom how to

This is my loop. There are a lot of like it, but this just one is mine.

Ultimate steps

After you have your tubes shaped and set up, you’re completely ready to fill up the reservoir. For several, this is the scariest step mainly because you’re pouring liquid into an space where there are high priced elements. Just pour sluggish and you will be fine, while it doesn’t hurt to deal with delicate components beneath the reservoir with a sheet of plastic to allow for for safe and sound runoff.

Make one particular last check out to assure your plugs are in and your seals are as safe as possible. Then, simply just choose the filling bottle and use it to get started filling your reservoir. At this stage, you will want to make positive that the only point plugged into the electricity offer (PSU) is the pump by means of the Molex relationship. Disconnect each and every other component, like your motherboard and GPU. You must also install the jumper to the 24-pin motherboard relationship of your PSU.

Change on your PSU and wait around for the initial little bit of drinking water from the reservoir to be almost absent, then promptly turn it off. Check for any leaks prior to filling up the reservoir once more. Should you have no challenges, fill the reservoir again and operate the procedure for about 24 hours to obvious out any air pockets and then lock the seals.

Finally, cry tears of pleasure. You’ve finished your 1st custom cooling loop with hardline tubing. And now you even have the alternative to incorporate extra later on on if you want to amazing your GPU or even your M.2 NVMe SSD.

Corsair’s decision to only choose liquid cooling elements it currently sells and package deal them up as a “Getting Started” kit is one particular that will make you ponder why it has not been completed before. It opens up additional accessibility for users that don’t know wherever to begin. As factors shift ahead, it is surely an space in which Corsair could place together even much larger kits for even additional in-depth cooling options.


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