Overwatch 2, like its prequel, has loads of figures that you can select from. All of them are perfectly viable but some are better than other folks specifically when you are actively playing the Thrust Method. In this Overwatch 2 guideline, we are likely to go above some of the very best figures that you ought to pick in the course of Push Method.

Overwatch 2 Figures You Really should Decide For Force Manner

The adhering to are some of the best figures that we can suggest for Overwatch 2 Press Mode:

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is a person of the easiest people to play in the activity as he can sprint and his greatest ability is just like an aimbot. That is why we propose this character to players that are obtaining started.

Soldier 76

This is a risk-free character to choose, even in Thrust Mode as he has dependable harm and can even recover himself. Paired with the right support he can do a large amount of injury.


Tracer is pretty fast and can zip in and out of combat with a blink of an eye. She can also reverse time which reverses the problems that she normally takes as properly. Her abilities and substantial DPS make her fantastic for flanking enemies.

Overwatch 2 Push Mode

If you have an aggressive playstyle and like to perform the DPS character then this is a fantastic preference. The only draw back is that she can be fragile considering that her HP is pretty low. Stay away from getting on tanks and adhere to taking out enemy guidance.


Tanks in Overwatch 2 can offer and soak up a good deal of injury. That is the place Reaper will come in. Reaper can mend dependent on the harm that he does. His shotguns have enough unfold but considering the fact that you will be attacking tanks, that is not heading to be an challenge.

Overwatch 2 Push Mode

Reaper can teleport in and out of combat and he can also turn into immune for a few of seconds. This greatest can be extremely devastating and can acquire out enemies all around him that are close ample.


Lucio is just one of the most effective supports in the match as he can not only mend himself and allies about him but boost their movement velocity as perfectly. His best potential overheals allies around him which can save your staff from devastating top attacks from the enemy characters.

Overwatch 2 Push Mode

He discounts decent damage and has the skill to push enemies back. This can arrive in useful in specified maps where you can push enemies off the edge.


This is just one of the more challenging characters in the match but truly worth investing your time into. Once you get the dangle of things Genji can acquire out various enemies at the same time.

He is pretty quickly and he has the means to deflect incoming projectiles for a shorter period of time. He can also climb partitions, which permits players to appear up with appealing approaches.

You will will need to make the most of his skills mainly because he does not do a large amount of injury without them.

These are some of the ideal people that we advocate picking when enjoying Overwatch 2 Push Method. Recall to have exciting!


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