There were plenty of indies to feast your eyes upon during the Future Games Show 2022 presentation. One standout trailer showcased Arctic Awakening, which sounds like it has a mix of survival elements and narrative story missions, all with a hint of Firewatch vibes to help you chill out and enjoy nature. Well, aside from the mysterious dark magic monoliths.

Arctic Awakening is set in the slight future, the year 2062 to be precise. It begins with you piloting a plane over the Alaskan wilderness, with things quickly taking a turn for the worse when the plane unexpectedly crashes and leaves you stranded.


Get lost and then find weird stuff

From there, things take on a new theme. You must survive, figure out what happened to your co-pilot, and deal with a snarky, court-ordered therapy robot along the way. No doubt this game will attract an audience, as similar themes such as the survival game The Long Dark proved successful in the remote frozen wildernesses of Alaska as well.

Another draw of Arctic Awakening will surely be the art style, which looks quite captivating and serene in the footage and screenshots we’ve seen. You know, aside from when the sky turn the color of blood and neon eyes attached to monoliths dominate the scene. That can’t be good.

You could always ask your robot companion about the whole situation, but it sounds like they often might have more to say than you’d like to hear in the heat of the moment. Obviously this bit is somewhat of a trope these days, ever since Valve gave us the lovable, personable robot companions in the Portal games. Many games have since presented witty robotic allies, which can get tiresome. Hopefully that’s not the case here.

While Arctic Awakening is set in 2062, you’ll be able to play it in 2023 according to the trailer description. You can find more information about the game on the developer’s website.


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