Among computer hardware enthusiasts, hardcore gamers, and early adopters, there is perhaps no computer manufacturer who stands as tall as Alienware. Barely ten years old, and recently purchased by Dell, Alienware rode to the forefront of high technology by concentrating on every facet of design, while incorporating only the latest circuitry inside its machines.

A recent trend known as “case modding”, in which computer owners customize the cases of their PC’s, can be attributed to Alienware’s rich history of unique case designs. Their most popular case design is also one of their earliest – a case that looks like the face of an alien from your favorite science-fiction movie.

But some of the more fresher case designs are based on comic books or movies, including  their best-selling Star Wars and Superman case designs. Using air-brushed figures on the side of the case, cool lighting from within the case’s fans, and even a matching included Windows Theme to boot, Alienware took the case mod movement by storm.

When they released their Star Wars versions to coincide with the release of Episode III, they created “Dark Side” and “Light Side” versions to correlate to the different sides of the Force. Even the individual screen savers for each computer were loaded to match their respective cases.

While Alienware’s machines have traditionally been considered pricey, it is only because Alienware spares no expense. Buyers of Alienware machines know they are getting only the hottest technology on the market: screaming video cards from NVIDIA, their choice of the latest AMD or Intel processors, liquid cooling systems, plenty of memory, and only the largest and fastest hard drives on the market. Many of Alienware’s desktops come equipped with Dual SLI video, a feature that allows two video cards to act as one for nearly twice the processing speed. This feature is rarely found on standard PC’s and typically requires a motherboard upgrade.

Prior to the release of Windows Vista, nearly every Alienware computer was already more than adequately configured to handle Vista’s demanding hardware requirements. If you just need to surf the web or check email, then the only reason to purchase an Alienware machine is for mere status. But if you want to play the latest games without your computer choking, you’ll want to check out Alienware’s offerings. Even a one or two-year old Alienware computer will often be more powerful than similarly-priced brand new systems.

Of course, the absolute status symbol has to an Alienware laptop. The heartfelt pride of an Alienware laptop owner is unmatched. Other major laptop manufacturers like IBM and Toshiba have laptops that come close to an Alienware laptop – at the high end of their model lines. But that is where Alienware’s model line begins.

Many graphic artists, web design specialists, and even information technology students will find an Alienware computer to be a welcome addition to their lifestyle. Alienware’s slogan, “The World’s Most Powerful PC’s” is without dispute, and they prove their reign in the technology market each month anew.

Several years ago, Alienware also began selling workstations. In a market heavily crowded by IBM, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard, Alienware did something unique: offer workstations for individuals and small businesses that were affordable, but with more raw power than their competitors. Of course, they also offered workstations with features that allowed them to easily double as gaming machines – something not found by their competition.

The only way to purchase an Alienware computer is either second-hand at places like eBay or through their own website. Not everyone can afford a new Alienware machine, but finding a quality used Alienware machine is a treasure to many. Some designs from years past are even considered collectibles.

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