The Switch has largely become synonymous with social and party gaming, particularly when it comes to local multiplayer. And it’s no surprise why, as hits like Super Mario PartySuper Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe make for endlessly fun romps with friends or family. Yet there are plenty of lesser-known games that, despite falling under the radar for most, are largely as enjoyable.

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With that said, let’s get this party going and examine ten of the best party titles for Switch that are relatively unknown.


10 Sports Party

Sure, there may be no Wii Sports equivalent on Switch, but this compilation of sports games certainly comes close in terms of its feel.

Even if it has its share of blemishes, and what some may call some “shallow” bouts, Sports Party makes for a fun little diversion with friends, and a pretty solid sports package. Players can enjoy simple versions of basketball, jet ski, Frisbee, beach tennis, skateboarding, and arguably the highlight – golf. Sports Party won’t set the world on fire, though it does grant a warm and fuzzy feeling of Wii-style nostalgia – motion controls and all.

9 Watermelon Party

While it looks basic on the surface, this colorful party game from Bigosaur offers some impressively fun, addictive gameplay given its budget price.

The game is a competitive marathon race to the finish, revolving around navigation-based puzzles. Players must slap down directional tiles and nab all the watermelons on screen. Aside from simply being quicker than one’s opponent, players must also deal with unwanted blocks by bombing them. The gameplay is such that just about anyone can into this one, while there’s enough strategy involved to keep things interesting.

8 Tricky Towers

Those who enjoy their party games with some classic puzzle pizzazz should look no further than Tricky Towers, a game that puts a fun, chaotic twist on the classic Tetris formula. This time, the goal is to build Tetris-like tower with bricks rather than eliminate them.

The game runs with the concepts of physics-based tower stacking using very familiar-looking blocks. Tricky Towers is a clever and colorful little exercise of precision, speeed, and strategy. It’s especially a blast when facing off against fellow builders.

7 Joggernauts

Fans of Overcooked and its ilk would do well to give this cartoony puzzler a look, with its similar fusion of collaboration and wacky party gameplay.

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The name of the game is to work in cohesion with other players and shift to the front of the line when needed. The goal is to color-coordinate your way through side-scrolling stages and clear colored obstacles with your constantly-jogging heroes. It’s a concept that looks simple on the surface, but can get downright tough when things pick up and signals get crossed.

6 Human Fall Flat

Speaking of games that demand cooperation and communication – No Brakes Games’ Human Fall Flat is a similarly fun party romp. It shares in Joggernauts‘ emphasis on working together to progress and solve puzzles, as well as its general zaniness. But that’s about where the similarities end. The real kicker here is the stupidly loose “drunken” physics that make up the movement and mechanics of your doughy avatar.

The game is as amusing as it is disorienting, and the weird mechanics present a fun challenge to fumble around with. Players can join in online games with a slew of others to collectively stumble through obstacle-laden 3D maps.

5 Varion

Gamers with a knack for retro, arcade-style flair should certainly get a kick out of this one. Varion is a top-down brawler/shooter that truly feels like a blast from the past. Yet, the game also has some modern pizzazz with its flashy neon visuals and epic multiplayer mode, where players can face off against up to 3 other robots.

Varion blasts players with intense, action-packed gameplay while keeping things simple and accessible. Studio Rundisc ensures things rarely get dull with its procedurally generated maps and various modes, including Battle, Tournament, and Championship.

4 Death Squared

Sticking with the theme of cooperative puzzlers — Death Squared is a deceptively tough game with a colorful blocky aesthetic, giving it a PlayStation 1 kind of vibe. Players will need to work as a team and guide their blocky bot to a color-coded goal, while evading a range of hazards and deathtraps.

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This one rings similar to that Overcooked style of juggling multiple tasks and working in tandem. Yet, it’s also distinctly clever in its complex level design and puzzles.

3 Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD

While this charming party-platformer from Sega won’t soon dethrone Mario Party, it still makes for a solid choice for fans of the series. In addition to the fun ball-rolling platforming, this Wii port also comes with a slew of delightful party mini-games. Standouts include Monkey Snowboard, Hammer Throw, and the Monkey Ball classic, Monkey Target. There’s tons of fun loaded into these distinct bite-sized romps.

Additions to this remaster include online leader boards and a Decathlon Mode. This allows players to face off in marathon competitions of 10 mini games in a row.

2 The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Really, just about all of the several Jackbox titles could probably make this list — but what fun would that be? But if just one out of the collection should land a spot, it’s in this writer’s humble opinion that Party Pack is the strongest choice. While each compilation has a handful of entertaining social and party games, this one nails it with a nice balance of zany humor, exciting trivia, and creative exercises.

The highlight of Jackbox — other than the hilarious Quiplash — is the fact that a mobile device can be used to play each game, turning your phone into a seamless controller. It’s certainly ideal for the amount of typing and silly drawing some of these titles require.

1 Puyo Puyo Tetris

It may seem odd to include any game with the “Tetris” name as a relatively unknown party game. But in fact, this hybrid puzzler from Sega never quite took off, especially compared to the battle royal Tetris 99 which vastly overshadowed it. It’s a shame, as this really is an underrated online and local multiplayer game for Switch.

While the Puyo Puyo and Tetris combo might be a bit off-putting, these two similar puzzlers really do work well together. Not only this, but the game is loaded with content – with various modes of both games, solid online support, and even a story mode.

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