The first Morpheus, performed by Laurence Fishburne.

Warner Bros.

Following quite a few teases, Warner Bros. launched its first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, the very long-awaited return of the sci-fi franchise from the Wachowskis. Ever given that the film’s output began in 2020, you will find been speculation between followers relating to the fourth movie, and how figures like Neo and Trinity will return following the conclusion of The Matrix Revolutions. 

The new trailer disclosed some fascinating action sequences and nostalgic callbacks to the authentic 1999 movie. However, the on the net discourse for The Matrix Resurrections took a shocking change when hardcore enthusiasts of the series introduced up the destiny of Morpheus in the franchise’ neglected spinoff activity, The Matrix On the net, and how that could tie into the up coming film.

As it turns out, Morpheus actor Laurence Fishburne is verified not to be in the film. In the trailer, we see a slate of new people, performed by franchise newcomers Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff and Neil Patrick Harris. Having said that, a person actor of notice is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who has a striking similarity to Morpheus in his overall look and part as the 1 to tutorial Keanu Reeves’ character to the real truth about the “real globe.”

This is exactly where factors get a minor weird. If you happen to be worried about spoilers for The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Online — and how that could tie into the new film — tread cautiously from in this article.

As it stands, the present-day discourse is concentrated on whether the functions of the mainly-overlooked spin-off movie video game The Matrix On the web even now has a put in the greater lore of the franchise. Looking at that The Matrix franchise discounts with repeating cycles of oppression, The Matrix Resurrections appears to stage at this getting a new cycle for The Matrix, which The Architect from The Matrix Reloaded discovered was a recurring method.

Relating to The Matrix On line, The Wachowskis when claimed the massively multiplayer on line sport, or MMO, was the meant continuation of The Matrix franchise just after the films. The on the internet multiplayer activity permit players produce characters and enter The Matrix to choose down Brokers, rogue AI, and other rival players in the virtual environment. The Matrix Online also manufactured some bold tale selections with some legacy people, like Morpheus’ fate following the 3rd film.

In its very first year, The Matrix On-line introduced a storyline that saw Morpheus assassinated by a mysterious AI antagonist. This occasion was in reaction to missions gamers could get on from Morpheus, which associated dismantling device-controlled electrical power plants to compel the opposing force to return Neo’s human body just after the functions of Revolutions.

The assassination of Morpheus despatched ripples all over the community, and gamers could even attend digital funeral ceremonies for Morpheus, with other key Matrix people like Ghost and Niobe in attendance. This party was regarded canon — consistent with the narrative of the movies — and it led to even further storylines in which gamers could monitor down the assassin, opening up some threads that hinted Morpheus might’ve survived in the earth exterior The Matrix. Even so, The Matrix On the net would eventually lose its player base, and slowed down on its a lot more formidable storylines. The MMO was eventually shut in 2011.

Back to The Matrix Resurrections: We see people like Neo and Trinity make a return, however things are pretty distinctive. They do not know every single other, and Keanu Reeves’ character seemingly repeats his identical call to motion from the unique film, with different deviations and obstacles — and there’s now a “new” Morpheus.

The trailer looks to indicate that the movie is about the resurrection of legacy people in a new, updated Matrix — a simulated globe where self-informed devices enslave humanity. This video clip even confirmed a transient glimpse of Neo subsequent the close of The Matrix Revolutions, with his eyes burned and surrounded by devices — his destiny was also a stage of contention in the story of The Matrix On the web.


Matrix Resurrections appears to have links to a extended dead Matrix movie sport.

Warner Bros.

This debate concerning the situations of The Matrix On-line, a prolonged-dead MMO that no just one can engage in now, has place the spotlight on the franchise’s much more ambitious spin-offs. It is really an appealing discussion, 1 that a lot of Matrix fans have been itching to have for some time. If The Matrix Online does make a difference, what we could learn from its story may have an impact on our comprehension of 2021’s The Matrix Resurrections. We are going to have to hold out and see what is actually in shop for the film as soon as it arrives out on Dec. 22, 2021, in theaters and on HBO MAX streaming.