A new career listing is turning some heads this early morning as Bungie continues to gear up to market and launch new IPs that are exterior of the Destiny universe.

We know they have many tasks incubating, and have promised at least 1 by 2024, however it’s unclear how several general will make it from incubation to manufacturing.

The listing in query today (by means of TheGamePost) is for a Senior Promoting Manager for a person of the new IPs, and the eye-catching section is the next, less than “nice to have” capabilities:

“Experience with company scale stay operations, video games as a support, MMO, F2P, and mobile”

This has led to a good deal of “is this gonna be a mobile sport??” inquiries, normally, but I imagine the reality is in all probability more difficult.

Very first of all, even though there are Fuel, MMO and F2P cellular video games, or some mixture thereof, that does not vital imply that a Fuel, MMO or F2P activity has to be mobile as I mean…that’s Future. Destiny is all of those items (absolutely free to consider, at least).

2nd, the line under that is:

“Knowledge of the Laptop and console gaming place,” which would unquestionably suggest this IP is coming to people platforms.

My finest guess for what is heading on here is that we may well be searching at IP with a cell edition you can perform, but not necessarily a whole-on cell game. That could be possibly a companion app/recreation, or a genuine cellular edition like Genshin Affect.

It is simple to get all these new IP clues blended up, but in the past, we have gotten hints about at minimum just one future IP being:

  • PvP-concentrated
  • Hero beat-centered
  • Most likely a additional “lighthearted” globe

All over again, we really don’t know if all of these describe the exact activity or not, but if so, we could be hunting at a dedicated PvP hero shooter(?) with a cell model. That may possibly be a description that sets some people’s teeth on edge, but the realities of the market are that keeping out of cell is not actually the wisest strategy, provided the large oceans of income waiting around there. But no, I really don’t feel Bungie would go completely mobile with a game that was exceptional to that system.

We should really also retain in brain right here that Bungie has previously gotten a $100 million investment from China’s NetEase, a firm that is at the moment co-building Diablo Immortal with Blizzard. So there is your other extremely very clear mobile link when it arrives to upcoming tasks.

In quick, do not be shocked when Bungie’s next IP has a mobile element or version attached to it. That is what I believe we’re observing here.

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