NBA 2K22 is out now and, as is traditional for the annual series, the latest version makes quite a few changes to the player experience. For gamers who are wondering how to adjust the camera settings in the latest instalment of the basketball franchise, Newsweek has you covered. How to […]

Speedrunning and esports might have their differences, but they share that core drive to compete, to improve, to break new ground. For the UK’s fastest 70-star Super Mario 64 speedrunner, Biinny (aka Lee Whelan), patience, passion and consistency are key. Unlike the latest esports games, many of which constantly evolve […]

Cross-platform games are the best way to play games with your friends regardless of which device they’re using. Have you ever run into issues where you’re an Android user and your friends are using an iOS device, and you couldn’t play certain games with them or they couldn’t play certain […]